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1998 Volkswagen Beetle (11 Reviews)
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I bought my 1998 Beetle with over 170,000 miles on it. I've driven to over 20,000 miles. The door lock broke...alarm sounded and now...the car won't start...something to do with the circuit...Electrical and wiring issue are too many to list...The motor runs great! The 1st gear and reverse only work when they want to...I have pushed this car more than I care to say...I do like the beetle...but a CHEAP deal has gotten so far out of hand...I'm going to get it running and let it go!!! A 2013 with a full warranty might be interesting...
There is only 2 problems we have had with our 1998 volkswagon beetle. The air condition quit working and the handle you close the door with came loose. would we get another beetle. Theyre cute but,.. probably not
6/25/2012 Was the scariest day of my life. Due to electrical problems in my Beetle, I almost died. My car over heated at the Mc Donald's here in my hometown. I pulled out of drive-thru and my car caught fire. Setting my passenger seat beneath me on fire and then mine. Spreading to the rear and front of the car, I was engulfed in flames. Luckily, a good person pulled me out before the car exploded. I had no idea the volkswagen was having so many issues with wiring and issues. I almost died yesterday. Seeing my car explode and burn to a crisp, I would not wish that fear on anyone. Be careful of owning any Volkswagens without checking the electrical systems. It is dangerous and has proven so as of yesterday.
I just went through blog and if I would have heard all this 18 months ago I would not have purchased my 1998 Beetle. it had a bad mass air flow meter on it when I purchased it that I diagnosed on the spot when I Bought it. yea it was a Total guess. because it was my first non American car. but with gas price's and the fact that the man selling it didn't know what the problem was so I got a great deal $2,000 but it had 188,000 miles on it. now at 215,000 I have only had to replace the M.A.F.S. along with regular oil change's. and a starter. so I'am happy with the gas burning Manual trans,bug that gets 34 MPG.
I owe a 1998 VW Beetle in wish i loved, when it was in good conditions i drove it for 1 year than everything started to fall apart. I replaced the motor, changed the radiator,double cooling fans, thermostat, timing belt. cat. converters, did a complete 2 times tune ups in 6 months, changed the cables and all, water pump starter, and still check engine on. the interior started breaking, door panels, door locks, upholstery fading. headlights moldings broke, it seems that nothing works, but yet very expensive to get it going. I already spend $6,056. replacing everything. I didn't know what I was getting my self into. sucks!
mother in law sold the car to us this june 2011, 1998 red beettle 26k ,bad part she stop driving a few years back, so far driver side window motor $350.00, rear brakes,capiler $200.00,alarm system sounds at any time whem locked.#400.00 for plastic cover under the fun
I've owned my new beetle sence it was new,and I incountered many problums. First it was the air mass indcator,next was the breake light switch. BUT THE PROLUMES GET MUCH WORST. As the car aproced 60k I tried to run on different tires.The tires were to high,and caused me to fill with air ever 4 to 5 days.The tranmisson went out (auto) at 95k,and the adle agustment went bad.
it need a fuel pump
Car interior is small. Cupholders do not work well for any drinks. No armspace. Brakes wear out quickly. Drive train takes a while to shift or pick up speed. The electrical system seems to malfunction randomly. Bulbs are often replaced. The engine gets extremely hot. The air intake system seems to always need cleaning. The suspension leaves a lot to be desired. I feel like I am intensely hitting every bump.
Good little car - we're at 96K miles, and still going; however, lots of electrical problems over the years (both windows, various front and rear lights, radio, etc); also an almost constant oil leak for the first six years until a non-VW mechanic replaced a simple seal
We bought this TDI in 99 and at the time the bug had 10,000 miles on it. We had problems with the power window controls and the turbo during the warranty period and they were fixed under warranty. However, we experienced additional turbo problems and the repairs cost us over $500. We experienced problems with the front and rear lights. Getting the Rear lights fixed was very expensive. I was unable to fix myself because the space to work in was so tight..Cost over $100 to have a bulb replaced. We are not happy with the wear on the interior. Material is frayed and the plastic on the door handles is chipped.I am also unhappy with how much it cost to replace the timing belt - over $600 a pop. And they must be replaced every 60K.
Having said all that - my wife loves the car which now has over 100K. We are delighted with the MPG 44+ and like the way the car handles and the surprisingly large storage area when the back seat is down. The only caveat I have is the cost for repair on any component of the VW - Any owner must find an independent repair shop to avoid the cost of repair at the dealership which can be 30% higher. We intend to drive this car for another 100K or until the wheels fall off
Would we buy another beetle - probably not