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2010 Toyota Yaris (4 Reviews)
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Bought a 2010 Yaris with 28K miles as a certified used Toyota. The AC barely works if it is above 90 degrees out. Since this last summer was weak, the dealership stated they couldn't find anything wrong. Now that it is winter, the automatic transmission doesn't want to shift into the last gear even while on freeway speeds. The RPM's will rev over 4K and it will not down shift. Once the car is warm then it finally does. Took it to the dealership and they hooked it up and stated they couldn't find anything. They refused to let it get cold, so I could show them the problem and they declined. Wilde Toyota of Wisconsin is doing everything they can to not have to warranty these problems. Once the Transmission blows, which will be past the 12K warranty, they will say how it wasn't something they could predict. I am not a fan of Toyotas and now I will never buy one from Wilde in Wisconsin.
WE have 2010 Yaris automatic the front passenger door lock will not work and stuck in the closed position. Main agent said goodwill didn't extend to door locks. Will cost a fortune for main agents to
repair, and hopefully not damage door. Has anybody else encountered
this problem and how was it resolved?
Bought the Yaris second hand in 2011. It gives me trouble at times getting it out of park to drive. I've tried to turn the wheel, to see if this would help. It finally would get out of park so that I could drive. It is a 2 door, hatch back. It has also bucked while I am driving on the highway. I keep up with the oil changes. Not happy with this car.
Great gas mileage, turns on a dime, cool body & excellent color (blue).
Not crazy about dash design: speedometer is in the middle, can't see radio/CD screen well in the sun, cup holder is in front of vent, and storage space is narrow & deep, on either side of center console.
Overall, a very good car.