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2006 Toyota Tundra owners review and rate their 2006 Toyota Tundra.

2006 Toyota Tundra (4 Reviews)
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189,000 miles and have only one issue to report. The plastic front bumper/nosecone assembly has be come very loose. The plastic tabs holding it on are mostly broken off. I can move the whole assembly up and down about 1". It rattles a bit on rough roads causing the factory fog lights to wiggle.

Other than that I have had ZERO issues with this truck. Every switch, knob, button and component of the truck still functions like it did the day I drove it off of the dealer's lot. One parking light bulb burned out two years ago and one back up light bulb went out last year. That's it. The stock brake pads and shoes even lasted 180,000 miles.

This is my 5th Toyota truck. I've driven them a sum total of right around 800,000 miles and have had a total, across all the trucks, of $1700 in repairs.
Great Truck, Ford Chevy and Dodge all my life, the full size 2nd gen+ Tundra exceeds the former 1/2 ton capabillities. Heavy truck, replaced front brakes with performance upgrade. Engine does not like the new crap gas with alcohol, not Toyotas fault. Useing Amsoil PE or octane boost. Suspension great, slight sag up front at 45,000 mi, easy and cheap fix. Double cab has turning radius of a school bus. Unbelievable in snow and slushy crap. Dead start on hills and will walk right up with stock tires. Put on real snow shoes and will bulldoze through feet of snow.
I have no complaints whatsoever. My Tundra does everything I ask it to!
Very good truck!!!