1997 Toyota Tercel Reviews and Owner Comments

1997 Toyota Tercel owners review and rate their 1997 Toyota Tercel.

1997 Toyota Tercel (5 Reviews)
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super commuter, got it with 2,000 miles and it now has 224,000 miles on it. replaced tranny at 100, 000 (my fault for thinking it was an f-1 car) all original engine and suspension, engine burns "some" oil, suspension definitly sagging..oh yeah brakes done 1 time. im looking to rebuild my motor and get some basic things replaced.
I love this car. very good gas mileage. I own it since it came out on 97. it has 190,xxx miles but still with original timing belt and water bump. now it burns lots oil. but it can be fixed easily - just replace some valve seals. event burn oil, passing smog no problem. it goes up to 30mpg.
I have this car since bought the same year, believe it or not I still ahve it at 257k! Change major necessary part ofcourse but still runs good air condition. Love it! PS I think I just need to replace the brakes though but it's all good!
Amazing cheap car, reliable car....never die. Its a Toyota!!!!
I have had my tercel for 10 years. I love my car, it is great on mileage and even though I have had to replace parts, it has never given me a problem. I drove it 350 miles in 5 1/1 hours at 75 the entire way and still had 1/4 tank of gas.I will buy another but I hope to have this car many more years, right now I have 189000