1995 Toyota Tercel Reviews and Owner Comments

1995 Toyota Tercel owners review and rate their 1995 Toyota Tercel.

1995 Toyota Tercel (2 Reviews)
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This thing is a tank!! It is not a Corvette but I can go for years without repair!! 190,499 miles. Typical maintenance and nothing else! Gets 30 mpg!!
I own this car. I've been running this car since it came off the lot NEW in 1996. I've replaced the following: an engine (after 319,000KM) after a water pump failed [twice (1999, 2008)], radiator (hole found), Boots L and R, clutch plate, brakes (2004), air blower (2003 and again in 2009). I've run this car mostly on the highway in some of the coldest, harshest climates on this planet. I used this to get to and from industrial construction sites all over Alberta, Canada. The seats need replacing in the front along with the carpet on the floor. If someone asked me if I got my money's worth? Did I EVER!! The best car I've ever owned for durability and ease on my pocket book. Normally, I toss away a car after 5 years. This one I've now kept running for over 13 years. Sure it devaluated abit. But it's easy on the gas budget. It's reliable even by today's standards... and I'm driving an advertisement for Toyota now.