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2008 Toyota Tacoma owners review and rate their 2008 Toyota Tacoma.

2008 Toyota Tacoma (2 Reviews)
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Bought new. Rear tires blew first gravel road I took it on.
Windshield shattered in the driveway, first snow fall.
Vynel flaking off the dash, after 2 years.
Breaks go almost to the floor since day one, and dealership does nothing to fix them. All you smell is fuel every time you start it.
Transmission acting up right at 60,000; had to be fix.
Biggest piece of crap I could have bought.
bought my 1st toyota pickup 5 yrs ago loved the truck took alot 2 get her running paid $2000 for it had sum major issues for a 91 took it to the toyota place and they told me theyd give me $3500 for it on a new 08 tacoma so i did it shure glad i did ive got 60,000 miles on her now getn 28mpg compaired to the 15mpg on the 91 . been upgradeing this 1 since i got it afe cold air intake,tornado,fuel miser,dual catback exhaust,bed cover,,side steps. soon to come body armor front bumper and a chip from going to drive this truck till theres nothing left then fix it and drive some more