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2004 Toyota Tacoma (5 Reviews)
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my car is overheating.I add water to the radiator every morning.The temperature increases when am driving,whether the air condition is on or not.I once made a two hours journey not knowing that i did not cover the radiator,and since then,the radiator water drops every morning i check it.But the car was not over heating until recently.Please what will be the cause for i dont want a guess work.
Bought a brand new Tacoma dbl cab 4wd trd package in '04. This is my 6 Toyota PU covering a span of 35 years. Amazing. I have 140,000 miles. I get a clunk when the tranny downshifts to low, when coming to a stop. Dealer said that's normal; feels like a rear tranny mount. Small issue with the dome light; sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Front springs are a joke. Replaced the whole suspension (springs and shocks, with 3" lift) at 120,000 miles and it's like driving a brand new truck again! Toyota Amazingness!
Having problems with the accelerator. Has full gas pedal sometimes, other times I have to push it down half way to get any response from the engine. Had the codes checked, nothing showed up.
@33K on a 2004 the check engine light came on. This caused me to look at the air filter that was packed with maple seeds by a chipmunk. Cleaned it all up and and reset the computer & still have CEL. Took it to the dealer and for $96 was told the rear O2 sensor was NG. Replaced it with a $56 Denso. Now the AC cannot overcome a 95 outside temp. 85 yes 95 no this will be my next automotive project. RWCD
Best Truck Ever..Love it never any problems