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2002 Toyota Tacoma (5 Reviews)
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I have a 02 Toyota Tacoma and I love it. This is my 3rd Tacoma, first was 97 I totaled it. Second was 03 and I traded it for 02 cause I wasn't to crazy about the color. Not had to many problems out of mine. The exhaust has rusted in two that I still haven't got fixed yet. Have had to replace 02 sensor, clean my mass air flow sensor and now I have a short in the headlight harness I have to fix now. Truck is 10 years old with over 100,000 miles so I have def. got my money worth.
Its an OK truck. This is my 2nd Tacoma (1st was a '98, Toyota bought back due to severe frame rot). Had the frame replaced on this 1, took over 3 months to complete (in the middle of winter of course!)
Replace timimg belt, water pump and trans-axle seals at same time. Rear brakes need a major repair ($1200) due to what sounds like a design flaw. Check engine light is always on, needs O2 sensor, same as my old one. Now the heat is stuck on in the middle of summer. What next? This will be my last Toyota, unless Toyota can figure out how to make a truck last like they used to!
My check engine light just came on as I'm about to sell my truck for top dollar being that it is in great shape. Does this usually indicate a expensive repair or a easy fix.
Purchased new in 02. Replaced timing belt at 120,000 miles, replaced auto tran just short of 100,000. Very reliable, never had any real problems until today. Runaway accelerator problem blew my mind. NOT a stuck brake pedal. Got towed to a Toyota specialist for inspection....not a dealership. Will see what happens. The outcome may change my opinion of Toyota quality. Kinda of weird that it happened out of the blue but you should have seen the RPMs!
Great truck so far. I'm still waiting for the "runaway engine syndrome" to kick in...