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1996 Toyota Tacoma (2 Reviews)
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1996 4WD bought this truck with 2k miles in 96' when I was 18 just out on my own from high school. Dealership that sells Chevy and RV's got it as a trade in from a guy who wanted to haul his tow-behind RV with it. It didn't have quite enough balls to do the job, so he traded them both for a Bus RV. Almost 16 years and 245k miles later this truck is still looking good and running strong. No truck payment since 2000 and maybe $1500 in non-scheduled maintenance since then. Rough Chicago winters, Chicago potholes and Chicago cab drivers can't kill it. If some people on here got a lemon, I got the opposite end of the spectrum. It's like the Terminator of pick-ups. I swear, if i put this truck in a car crusher, the cube would un-crumple itself and start on the first key turn. I replaced the starter in 2009 and the exhaust from the catalytic back in 2010. Other than that, all major components are factory. I will admit, it's a little puny compared to American trucks and even the new Tacoma's. If you see one used buy it, you will get your money's worth.
Since day 1 my Tacoma has been a work truck. I fitted a rack on the roof, a camper shell, wench, etc and have used this truck day in and day out for hauling. The engine is still pulling strong with over 176k miles on it. The clutch is going but it's held up until now. The suspension squeaks but I have the original shocks. I'll probably drive this Tacoma until it has 200k miles on it then get myself another. Definitely recommend Toyota trucks!