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2007 Toyota Solara (2 Reviews)
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I got a 07 Toyota Scion TC Limited Edition or my Birthday brand new. As a matter of fact there were only a few of this particular model made. It has been an awesome car. Very pretty Pearl white. I now have over 130k miles on it and I have only experienced tire problems and really nothing more. I owned two other Scions prior to this one.All of which were brand new when my husband purchased them. The very 1st Scion,I totalled within 3 dys after we purchased it. Some one hit me from the side. I ended up with a broken neck and my car was not repairable.I survived the crash though. For that I am thankful. Once I recovered,my husband went out and bought me the same,baby blue Scion like the one wrecked. I am getting ready to buy another car and give this Scion to my daughter. I really want the new sporty model. I saw one the other day and I love it. I felt so lucky when I got my 07 Scion. I had the only one like it in my home town of Shreveport,LA.
I have had no problems whatsoever with this car. Mine is a convertible. after 48,000, I now see that I have a small leak between the rubber and the window on the drivers side. The rubber has to be replaced. I owned it in Florida for 2 years and now in California so that hot sun didn't help this problem. I love my car!