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2002 Toyota Solara owners review and rate their 2002 Toyota Solara.

2002 Toyota Solara (8 Reviews)
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had my toyota for 3 yrs,i love my car,now its rattling on the right side of engine,on the outside of it, i need to know what it could be, and how much too fix it, it makes a little rattling when on and parked and when i start giving gas at the begining and when i stop.
I have 150k in my 2002 Toyota Solara but I found out that it is burning oil and will need an engine rebuilt or just keep adding oil every week. Anyone else having the same problem?
202k, Reliable and still running well. Minor repairs and maintenance schedule makes it last.
Bought new V6 SE, and has 96,000 miles, great car with acceleration, on the highway 80 mph (3100 RPM) is no problem with more acceleration available. Suspension is full and provides a very soft ride. Road noise is near nil to none, cornering is good.

I think Toyota went overboard with security feature, this car will auto lock in 10 seconds! (or less). Even if the car is locked, if I stand outside reach though the open window and unlock it the alarm sounds. The exterior body panels are thin and soft as they have taken major dents from door dings from day #1.

Overall probably the best car that I ever owned.
Well my 02 toyoota solara is used every day to drive about 200 miles a day n she has 236748 miles on her n still running like a champ i love3 it hilley recamend it itll work n last forever just got to kkeep up with ur tune ups but great car
Toyoyta settled a lawsuit involving several models 1997 to 2002 years regarding excessive engine oil sludge. In most cases you will not know you have this problem unless you take it to a dealer for a tear down (cost about $105), but if your car has the problem it costs you nothing and Toyota will issue a case number and fix it free. Warranted unlimited mileage/8 years on this problem. Kudos to Toyota for acknowledging their issues and ordering recalls on their vehicles. I love this car and appreciate Toyota NOT IGNORING customers complaints. And despite problems in 2010 will only buy Toyota products now because they don't leave the customer to bear the expense of engineering errors.
Ive had my solara for about 3 years now, and I am more than happy. This is my 4th car and im only 20 years old. I have no complains. great with gas, no major issues!! Could not have asked for more
reliable car, good body style, no major problems