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2000 Toyota Solara (7 Reviews)
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To all Solara owners with cracking and sticky dashboards and interior pieces: Toyota had a recall for replacement at no cost for
dashboard and interior that was cracking or sticky. I had my dashboard in my 2007 Solara replaced at no cost to me....Sorry I don't
have the recall details but it may be worth checking on. New dashboard looks great.
i have not bought this car yet but i had some questions first the brak light stays on i havent checked the level yet but the brakes worked fine also the airbag light was on and the turn signals did not work havent checked the bulbs or relay
I love my 2000 Solara and am VERY upset that Toyota quit making them AGAIN!!!! My next one would be the convertible. How can we rally to get them to produce them again?????
103K and going strong!!!
If you have a Solara with California emissions you are charged up to 30 times the normal cost for emission repairs. Toyota dealerships seem to control this situation which in turn continue to give Toyota a declining public image. The dealerships are turning into a version of GM arrogance. After many years with Toyota I am turning elsewhered.
I have a 2000 Toyota Solara SLE (V-6) and I love this car!! It has 224k. and still kickin!! Of course all of the standard maintance needs have been met when they were needed. (oil, fluids, etc.) Only real thing I have had to put much money on has been my front tie rods but that has more to do with MI roads!! :) But I am in love with car! I love it and suggest it to any person!! Or at least this model/year.
OMG I love this car!

It has now about 102k, bought it at 100k. Despite some age related problems and the fact that the preowner obviously never took care of it, it works great so far.
The drive is extremely smooth and before my oxygen sensor broke (which already lasted 40k longer than recommend to exchange) it had a great gas mileage.

I own a V6 SLE and the pick up is not strong anymore, I also think its just an airflow problem related to the oxygen sensor though.

Overall as long as the car got a decent maintenance it is awesome and definitely worth its money! Despite the minor problems I do not regret to buy it at all.
130000 miles and still going strong with routine maintanence