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2011 Toyota Sienna (3 Reviews)
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This is my 2nd Sienna, I have a 2004 and 2011. Back sliding doors on both (one electric, one manual) have caused me to change my mind completely about my next vehicle. It will definitely not be a Toyota. The steering squeals as well as the brakes and I have been told by the dealer this is normal NOT. Very dissatisfied with Toyota at this point and scared the electric doors are going to open and allow my grand children to fall out. They really need to recall at this point before some one gets killed.
I bought my Sienna LE in November 2010, it has 55000 miles and only minor problems,low tire light won't go off add rubber at front of windshield curled up on both sides and the rubber by the back doors was coming up , dealer fixed without writing it up, but today I went to get in it and noticed the plastic frame around the driver's seat has broken at the front outside corner I can see where the plastic is broken.
I bought my 2011 Sienna LE in 2010 shortly after they came out. Although I had read commentary about the cheaper plastic interior, I liked the car alot and it came with lots of standard features - even a backup cam. I have now had the car a little over 3 years and with only 27000 miles on it, the liteny of problems I have had seem to show a serious decline on Toyota quality...
After only a few months, I noticed the rubber trim on the roof rack gutter was curling up. Then it happened on the lower corners of the windshield seals. A little epoxy did the trick but clearly the glue adhesives used were no match for tropical sunshine. Then after less than a year I noticed bubbling in the paint on the roof indicating rust underneath. Since then, there have been numerous problems - knocking from the front wheels when going around corners turned out to be related to the brake pads not being properly secured. The rear latch had to be replaced when the sensor went bad giving a constant "door open" light and pinging alert. I have already had to replace headlight and taillight bulbs - I realise these parts fail, but I have 1 2004 Highlander that has never had any problems or failures. However, the latest problem really has me concerned about the lack of Toyota quality in this vehicle - at under 27000 miles, I have a water pump failing. Most of the other stuff is annoying but minor, and for the most part, DIY-able. The water pump is not! According to one dealer, this is a 20 hour job involving completely removing the engine!! Another dealer has said it is possible to do without, but it is still a 3+ hour job. When engine components start failing, you usually think of older well worn vehicles - not a 3 year old lightly driven modern car. At this point, selling it and replacing it with a more proven and reliable vehicle is definitely on the cards. It is a shame Toyota has apparently lost their focus on quality. Interestingly, now the new Siennas have been out for a while, there is more feedback on them and the results have not been pretty. My experience seems in line with this!!!