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2006 Toyota Sienna (4 Reviews)
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I am extremely disappointed in our 2005 Sienna XLE AWD. Once it reached 100K everything started falling apart. We had to replace both sliding door mechanisms long time ago. It's nice that Toyota decided to re-imburse the sliding door expenses - apparently too many people had these issues. Now, check engine light is on - catalytic converter died. And before that the check engine light was on - Oxygen sensor died. Transmission leaking, front differential issues - by now I had to pay $6,000 in all repairs, thinking that I will try to squeeze another 50K out of this car. I am not sure anymore... And yes, we did all regular maintenance, and all the recommended replacements (like timing belt).
I have 153,000 on my sienna i purchased in 2007. Recently the locks are having issues and the cable assembly on the automatic door is not funtioning half the time. I have a good friend same year same vehicle and same problem door.

Beyond Rusting in the front windshield area and on the wheel well, the body is in excellent shape. Mechanically it is sound. I have bearings potentially out on the front wheel which has a minor grinding noise, but no major issue at this time.

The sliding door is the one issue Toyota is aware of, but will not cover.
In Jan 2006 I bought the 2006 Sienna in FL. It has been in for every scheduled maintenance from day one and the only thing we have had to do it replace the tires. We took the van in for the 65,000 mile service July 10. Everything was A-ok. We left for our TN vacation Aug 1st. On day 4 of our vacation we cranked the van to NO A/C. After driving 1.5 hrs to the only Toyota dealer around we were told for the low price of 2 GRAND we could get a new air compressor. He said the compressors are made in Pakistan and he was surprised it lasted 4 yrs. He said it should be under warranty at our dealership but no his at his a different state and they don't transfer. I have called my dealership for 2 days and only get sent to voice mail. Only thing I know is Toyota's are no longer made to last & I sure won't be buying another one.
After 4 years things started going. The A/C is intermitent. The doors locks won't work with the door remotes. The front doors extenders broke. Just a bunch of things like that.