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2004 Toyota Sienna (17 Reviews)
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Bought new in 2004 & currently have 200K+ miles
At 130K miles I replaced timing belt, water pump & flushed all fluids & rear braes(routine maintenance)
replaced front brake rotors
Had the radiator replaced under a recall
I had the same issue as others in regards to premature tire wear which was remedied by upgrading the rear shocks to the ones used on the AWD van.
I had to replace the main a/c relay ($35 from Amazon)
This has been the most reliable & cost efficient vehicles that I've ever owned.
I purchased a 2004 Sienna five years ago. So far, the unscheduled problems have been for the 2 rear seat belts not working and sliding doors getting stuck. I had to make the sliding doors manual by cutting the cable so we can open and close them. I called Toyota about the seat belts but they said that the warranty has expired. Are the seat belts supposed to last only 36,000 miles??
Other repairs have been for the front wheel bearings and brake rotors.
After having a Ford Explorer with problems I was hopeful that my 2004 Toyota Sienna would be a better choice for the family hauler. Boy I was wrong there. The quality of this vehicle is marginal at best. The list of problems I have had over the years includes:

- Heated Seats stopped working
- Radiator had to be replaced
- Lights on overhead console are completely out
- Sunroof is constantly loose and rattles
- DVD player/unit had to be replaced (under warranty)
- Weld on drivers side door was poor quality and required an entirely new door

Now one might question about how the vehicle is driven. It is driven in normal daily around town doing the usual thing people who own minivans normally do - haul kids to/from activities, mostly by their mom. Normal oil changes and major maintenance was done on this car.

Suffice to say, this will be the last Toyota I ever purchase. Very disappointed with the quality of this car. Sadly the Explorer I previously purchased was better, which is not saying much.
Bought mine brand new in 2004. It has 120k miles now. So far only two unscheduled maintenance/repairs. One is the A/C which was not getting cold at all. Fixed that under warranty. Now its in the shop getting the front wheel bearing replaced. After reading the reviews here, I guess its pretty common for the wheel bearings to go out at around 100k miles. My other vehicle, Honda Accord, is 5 years older with 170k miles. Zero unscheduled maintenance/repair.
After a rainny day i smelt a burn on the dashboard after that the warning light for the doors stays on however the doors were closed, the next day hazard light stayed on as well. i do not know what was that all about? any ideas ?
Bought new in 2004 - 135K miles now on AWD LE. Had to reaplce front wheel bearings around 100K, now have converter issue.
Am on 4th set of tires also - thjis thing eats tires badly - I have done numerous alignments to try and save, but that and regular rotation don't help much.
Overall utility is good, but just too much maintenance cost.
Our 2004 Sienna has been a very good vehicle, but here are the problems we have had. Light bulbs burning out in the rear door panel, the steering box had to be serviced, something about a rope material that had worn away, $500 repair. Now, the cables to the right side powered passenger door frayed and broke. I called Toyota minutes ago about any TSB's Technical Service Bulletins that may be out there regarding this problem. I feel it is a safety issue that they should pay for even though it is out of warranty.
I have two 2004 Sienna - one base model and one LE
My LE has 100k miles and the following issues:
several seat release cables have stretched and no longer release (both back and one middle) - poor design
the passenger side power sliding door handle inside has basically come apart in several areas and can no longer be manually operated. - very flimsy design. The driver door stop closer weld broke - just out of the extended warranty - Most people have to replace the whole door as there is not enough meat in that area to tack weld. My roof mounted DVD player no longer functions. The radiator is starting to weep in both upper corners. The A/C is fully charged but for some reason stops working every so often and a few moments later starts up again.
The base model has no problems to report at 105k. Still like their utility but I miss my old VW Vanagon.
I've had several issues with my 2004 Toyota Sienna XLE I purchased new. I have never missed a scheduled maintenance or oil change: the side door will not lock except manually from the inside, a $300 repair. The back life door has a mind of its own and will sometimes simply not close; one time this cost me a dead battery b/c after starting the close process (which is automatic), it was closing, I walked off, and it caught and re-opened. It does this repeatedly, cost would be almost $1,000 to repair. I am on my FOURTH set of tires -- I'm not kidding. Even got a second opinion from Sears and the Toyota maintenance shop and nothing wrong with suspension, alignment is not off, tires regularly rotated. This thing eats tires. Then, there was a coolant leak and the engine would race in Park mode and ac would run hot; they fixed it, but then found another leak and warned me it might be the head gasket. Way too many issues, and I never had this problem with my little Honda I gave up after 300,000 miles.
Very pleased with 2004 sienna. Main complaint is Goodyear tires only last 20-25000 miles. Switched brands, will see. Had to replace lower control arms at 133,000 for $740. My shop did not have the capability to press the bushings so i recommend checking with dealer to see if you can get better price.
Love the fold down seats and other amenities. We buy another when this one needs replacing. Currently averaging $1500 a year in maintenance, over last 3 years(45000 miles). Which is only 3 months of car payments!!
The front wheel bearing are out at 104k miles too. Pretty noisy at high speed when the front wheel bearing gone out. Think this is a common problem for the Toyota Sienna.
We bought this car new in 2004 and have had no major issues so far. The one thing that was surprising is that the right front wheel bearing started getting noisy a while ago. The dealer recommended to replace it and with it also do a realignment. By the time it was all said and done we are in for almost $1k but that was before I knew that this place here existed. I will come out much better next time for sure even though I really think this was a complete fluke. We had Toyota Cars for many years and we have always been extremely happy with them. The Sienna is no exception.
Bought this van new in 2003; one of the first off the line for the new body style. Have 114k on the van and we've loved it. The suspension is a little soft and it doesn't corner like teh Odyssey but after a while is very comfortable. At 114k, we've had two wheel/Axle bearings go bad following the Routine timing belt replacement. Otherwise, we've had few Mx issues since purchase.
Bought used, leased XLE. Have already bought tires, transmission fluid change, brakes cleaned, left front strut leaking oil so it and the right strut (allegedly) were replaced with alignment. Now the right strut leaked all of its oil and is scheduled for replacement after only about 3,000 miles. Do you think it was replaced? Is there a problem with the front struts on these vehicles? The rear door struts were replaced twice on recall. The front struts were covered by my extended warranty. Mechanically I have lost confidence in this vehicle. It is a functional design, but I have incurred too much maintaince regarding suspension.
Has been reliable overall. Had Air Cond. problem this past summer that I heard was common to this particular model. Was repaired under extended warranty.
Vehicle has 68,000 miles. Bought it from relative in GA. Recently failed PA state safety inspection for failed lower control arms (L&R). Cost to repair: $930.00! The rubber bushings were chipped and cracked. Anyone else have this problem?
vehicle has 83000 miles and absolutely no problems. the steering is a little quick and took a while to get used to also the tilt wheel doesn't tilt low enough but they are design related.