2002 Toyota Sienna Reviews and Owner Comments

2002 Toyota Sienna owners review and rate their 2002 Toyota Sienna.

2002 Toyota Sienna (4 Reviews)
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2002 Sienna bought new. 113k right now. Tires are a problem; you will not get 1/2 rated of life of any tire, front end is too heavy. Other than that a great vehicle. Tires, brakes, change fluids, and you are good to go. No exhaust replacement yet. Manual and electric door works fine @ 11 yrs old. Keep them lubed. Change trans and coolant at 80k. Wife doesn't want to go to anything else.
Original owner 160000 plus miles
Great minivan
2002 Sienna XLE
Have over 109K miles. Car has lived in CA, AZ, CO, OH, MI, NC under very extreme conditions. Excellent vehicle. Have had normal maintenance check up every 5k miles. Used 2 sets of tires, working on the 3rd. Go with Michelin for long wear and comfortable ride. Replaced battery, 1 tail light and catalytic convertor bracket (rusted out). 3rd set of brakes (wife is hard on them, especially in the mountains). V6 engine has a lot of power and pick up. Been great for pulling small trailers. Very flexible seating with seats that can be removed. I would buy this vehicle again. Even the dealers we have used have been friendly, informative and have "adjusted" their bills when complaining about their labor rates or costs for maintenance. Never a worry with this car.

I have renamed this vehicle Toyota Millstone. It has never left us stranded, but it has caused us a lot of grief out of the strting gate. Engine Sludge problem, power sliding door went out, cold start valve, rear brakes squealing which they claim is normal, replaced steering rack at 10K, rear brakes are making a strange binding noise when they are applied, weatherstrip on windshield peeled up and Toyota would not cover under Platinum warranty. This little issue and Toyotas piss poor CS is the reason I swore to never buy a Toyota product again. Simply, they do not stand by their vehicles. Overall, I could have saved money and bought a Chevy and had the same results.