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2008 Toyota Sequoia owners review and rate their 2008 Toyota Sequoia.

2008 Toyota Sequoia (3 Reviews)
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Purchased our 2008 Sequoia within a few weeks of them hitting the showroom floor. Love it in almost all ways. It tows beautifully. I installed wireless adjustable air leveling suspension (bags that inflate inside the rear coil springs), for extra stability and leveling when towing and loaded with passengers. The engine and transmission are stellar, I actually think the engine broke in and gained more power from 0 miles thru about 35K. I have 44K now and the gain has seemed to have stabilized. It is quiet, gets reasonable fuel mileage even while towing thru the mountains of western Maryland and West Virginia I get 13 mpg. Best highway mileage without towing has been a bit over 18. It will get 10.5 to 11 if you start pushing hard and ignoring those annoying speed limit signs. The vehicle seems to do everything very well. Every seat in the vehicle will comfortably accommodate large adults (even the 3rd row of seats work great for my 6'3 father in law and my 6'5" friend. I cannot say that for the ford and chevy we test drove. The engine and transmission are a very robust combination, A friend tried to keep up with me in his Dodge Durango, (4.7 V8) loaded with his 4 person family while I had 4 passengers and a 4300 lb boat in tow and he could not keep up pulling large grades in the mountains. Now the down side. My front brake rotors keep warping and I am at the point at which I am going to spend a large pile of money on upgraded pads and rotors to try to cure the problem. The rear suspension is a little soft for towing trailers with a heavy tongue weight and the interior materials could be of a bit higher quality considering the nearly 60K I forked out for the vehicle. I have not had the vehicle to the dealer for any problems excluding the brake rotor warping problems I have experienced. I am on set # 3 for rotors now.
I've had a number of ELECTRICAL ISSUES in the dash including lights going out but working a day or two later, & with the most recent being power surges which have ruined two cell phone chargers and caused a rechargeable flashlight's batteries to explode and catch papers in the console on fire, luckily while I was parked. Needless to say, am not using the chargers any more. Dealership keeps telling me nothing is wrong. Disappointing & Dangerous with no good answer.
I have owned the sequoia for six months now, and love it. Cruising on the highway at 75 mph, loaded, I still get 15.5 mpg. Plenty of power with the big V-8. Navi system and bluetooth for cell phone hands free work great. I especialy like the power (up & down) third row seating.