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2001 Toyota Sequoia (16 Reviews)
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I have a 2001 Sequoia SR5. I recently have the problem of my car burning gas extremely fast. The more gas I put the quicker it goes. The least gas I put the longer it last. But I hate the frequent gas stops but dont want to literally burn my money putting more gas. Any suggestion on a fix. Spark plugs have been changed. Put new gas cap. Love the car but is draining me with gas.
Purchased used in 2005 with 60k. Currently at 218,000, splitting mileage with a 2006 Tundra. The car has been a solid performer with the exception one major issue (more later). The brakes issue is real. I have not upgrades and intend to check with the dealer after earlier posts mentioned some sort of recall. Interior quality is good to excellent, and had not given any problems. Minor irritation mentioned in earlier posts are the loss of some indicator lights, in particular the "D" and some of the instrumentation that would be helpful when looking for knobs in the dark. My major issue is a gremlin, I think. Somewhere around 150k I upsized the tires to Pirelli Scorpions, P265/75-16 plus added Bilsteins. Not a big deal, right. shortly thereafter I started having serious issues with a shaking in the fron end, so bad I thought I was losing the front end. Toyota said it was the tires. This made no sense but I put the Pirellis on the Tundra and went to a stock size Michellin. No change. after what seemed like half-a-dozen trips to Longo Toyota I finally got one of the Japanese techs to agree it was the electronic traction control sensor. Replaced (my dime, big bucks), no problem. Fast forward 6 years, new tires, same upsized Pirelli's. Starting to get a rattling sound that my research seems to indicate may be the ATC(?) traction control. Point is, I think there is some issue with the electronic traction control. It is inconceivable to me that you cannot make a slight size change on this vehicle without creating these issues. Not sure what I will be dong next.
I have an 01 Sequoia and it has the new trans and is getting the new computer now. Everyone who is one this board needs to make sure they call Toyota- not just your local dealer- because the girl I talked to said that they determine recalls partially based on how many complaints they get from the!
I loved my 2001 Sequoia. It does have issues though. People really need to look at the reports on NHTSA. My ASC would go off randomly on dry roads going anywhere from 5 mph to 65 mph. Never was I skidding. This eventually led to the demise of the vehicle. On 1/6/15 an electrical fire started in the engine while I was driving my son to school. The brakes went out at a red light and then embers were coming out from under the truck. Thankfully we were able to get out. It eventually imploded the windshield into the car and the flames were a good 20 feet over the car. We are shaken, but alive. The car is a total loss due to issues Toyota has refused to recall. Yet the 2002 Sequoia had the same issue and got recalled. Anyone thinking about buying one of these needs to read blogs and complaints filed with NHTSA.
I have a 2001 Sequoia, bought in 03 with 38,000. I now as of today 8-24-11 have 229,367. I cant say a bad word about it,what i've done flushed tranny, brakes timming belt at 170,000. but now my issue; my brake booster and master cylinder need replacing i decided to go with used on both(about 300 for both) as opposed to new about 2000. does anyone know how to put them in? thanks, Hambone
We bought the 2001 Sequoia before anyone else. As soon as it hit the dealership, it was ours. It has been the best vehicle we ahve ever had. We still have it at 140,000 miles. I just replaced the radiator, the only major repair we ahve had other then the brakes. You need to research teh TSB (Toyota Service Bullitens) for the brake issues. They were too small for the size of the vehicle and Toyota installed new, bigger, better rotors and calipers for the fornt. DO NOT take your Toyota Sequoia to anyone other than a dealership for brakes, we did and it turned into a nightmare. No one has the right parts (due to the TSB BR005-02) and they cannot replace them properly. Credit to Les Schwab for doing the right thing and refunding our moneyh because they could not get the brakes right. I would take any car to them, except my Sequoia. Good People (N. Cal). Again, I still have my 2001, and if you wax it and keep up th eservice, it will last forever!
This is a great post. It's awesome to realize that car enthusiasts give importance to cars especially the Brake Pad Set.
I have a toyota Sequioa with 133K . The transmission went out and it is costing me 3K to get it replaced

. Toyota knew the transmission was notany good in models 2000-2006 but they reused to recalll the product .

My Toyota was purchased at Lustine Toyota in Woodbridge, VA. Im sickend by this as these vechicles are not cheap . I got more mileage out of an Nissn Maxmium that has over 200K miles and still running strong.

I advise some of you to not speak to quick to give high remarks for this vehicle, check the blog on the internet .and you will see tons of people had to have their tranmission go out at 90-100K miles. Good luck
good truck but realu needs to work the AC, takes forever to cool
This vehicle passed to me after my dad purchased a 2009, currently has 80K miles on it and is on 2nd set of tires. Will be changing to new ones shortly. New brakes at 50k. Other than rear hatch lock breaking and a rusted undercarriage, is a great vehicle and I look forward to being able to get to 100K without issue. We did have all lights lit on the dash this past winter but I think it had to do with the extreme cold weather we had.
We bought our 2001 in Nov 2000, the very first year they came out. Now 125,000 miles in 10 years and all we had were a TSB for the front brakes (they were not big enough for the car, and Toyota had a TSB to replace the front rotors and calipers with larger ones - all paid for by toyota). All we've done is replace tires and batteries. We had two rear hatch latches break, but I figured how to replace these myself - an $80 part, and about 1 hour of your time (with the right tools). You can get to the latch bolts if you remove the two circle rubber gromets on the back panel, use your 1/4 extension to get to them. easy as pie. use a phillips head to open the hatch (only works about 5 times as the screwdriver bend the inners and make it unusable). I just replaced the radiator, easy to get one delivered online, DON'T get one from the dealer (About $450 rip off dollars), I got mine for $200 delivered to my door! All in all, best Vehilce I ever bought!
Awsome tow-Vehicle
Nuisance problems: Instr panel lights out: HiBeam light, Trac button light, Gear indicator (Drive). Overhead console Mode button broken - stuck on one setting.
Car has 140,000 miles. Seat belts often bind.
GAS GAUGE has bee erratic since car was out of warranty. Some problem with wife's 2001 Sequoia.
Today's date is 8-25-09. We bought ours in May 2001 and we still have it. As David said below, it is the work horse of our family, too. The gas mileage is surprisingly good on the highway for a truck this size (20mpg). I would highly recommend this car to my friends and family.

The third row comes in handy all the time and is the most comfortable third row we've come across. The seats fold up easily and pop out altogether, too.

When not in 4WD this is a rear wheel drive vehicle... but that's okay because the skid control is excellent. It is so good we often don't need 4WD. Having said that the 4WD engages well and hasn't let us down (snow, sand, off roading, etc.). Putting it into 4WD low with the center differential locked (unlocked?) is a pain so we seldom use it like that.

The turning radius is that of a boat and the interior cabin is not well lit at night. I feel it is slighly underpowered (or not geared aggressively enough). I am not sure but I think the I-force engine gives it better torque when there are either more people in the car or when you're towing something. Yes, I think it senses weight load and adjusts accordingly, i.e., yields better torque.

The truck presently has 90k miles on it and we're about to go through our fourth set of tires. This strikes me as high turnover but this is the only out-of-pocket problem we've had .

As mentioned we put our family in the car so we take care of it aggressively and we're happy to do so.

Be well.
We've owned our 2001 Sequoia for 5 years now and its been a superb vehicle for us, taking us across country twice. It has over 125k miles and is going strong. Our only gripes are weak brakes (all rotors have been replaced with moderate improvement), a/c that doesn't work well in around-town driving (fine on the highway), and imprecise handling. That last one may be our fault- probably needs better tires as well as an alignment. When we get our next SUV, it will likely be a newer Sequoia.
I have had my 2001 Sequoia for over seven years now and have never had any trouble with it mechanically. It has been driven in heavy highway traffic, in the city, on dirt roads, through snow and flooding. My only complaint has been continuing problems with the rear hatch lock, defroster, and windshield wiper, all of which are electrical problems. It's going back in for repairs for the wiper and defroster shortly (both are absolute necessities in New England weather). I have over 100,000 miles on the car and nothing else has had any problems (I have replaced brakes, shocks, tires, etc. due to normal wear and tear).