2000 Toyota RAV4 Reviews and Owner Comments

2000 Toyota RAV4 owners review and rate their 2000 Toyota RAV4.

2000 Toyota RAV4 (4 Reviews)
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i have a rav4 2000 when going hill and reach on the flat it start to smoke
i have an year 2000 rav 4. this can oftenly feels cold and would even stop on the road when it becomes very cold. it will lower the temperature gauge and start to sound like not firing when the temps are down. when the weather is good you start the car and wait for the temp gauge to raise then the car is good and drives ok. what could be the problem. many mech shops seems not to understand this problem. what could this be.
Terrific Vehicle, no major problems, kept up on routine maintenance so far no problems at 92.5K miles!
Love this car!
Brakes are the only thing I have spent $$ on, outside of routine maintenance. AC has been balky a few times, needing repairs.
Good mileage.