1999 Toyota RAV4 Reviews and Owner Comments

1999 Toyota RAV4 owners review and rate their 1999 Toyota RAV4.

1999 Toyota RAV4 (2 Reviews)
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I love my car. I will hate it if I had to give it up since I am always transporting something around. It is easy to get in and out. Since I have low mileage on it and have kept up the maintenance, I have had minimal problems with it. Of course being a SUV repairs are more expensive than a smaller car. A complaint that I do have is the lack of pickup with a 4 cyclinder, the lack of roominess of the backseat and vision blocking caused by the backseat headrest on the passenger side when I backup. Otherwise, I still enjoy my car.
I've been really happy with this vehicle. No major problems. The vehicle is a bit underpowered but they took care of that in later versions. I really wish the headlamps had a longer range though. Any suggestions?