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2009 Toyota Prius (2 Reviews)
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For the most part I liked my Prius up until yesterday. Sure there were a few things that occasionally bothered me. The brakes are a bit over-sensitive, but I learned to adjust my touch and that was manageable. And the heating cooling has no in between mode, always feels too cold or too hot, but that is every car I have ever ridden in so no big deal. But yesterday I found out I have to get my front wheel bearings replaced for $1200 and the problem started when the car only had 70k miles on it and it isn't even three years old. Then the dealer said that this isn't entirely uncommon for the Prius... So two days ago I was thinking of buying another Prius in a couple of years but today I am questioning the reliability and thinking I should buy something cheaper to start if I am going to have to throw $1200 at it every 70k miles!
The way I use this car is not ideal for a hybrid. I usually drive over 70 and its mostly all highway miles. I get about 41 mpg.
I love pretty much everything about this car. It feels big and luxurious inside. It is like having a car that is trained to sense you - you never have to insert any keys and it reminds you if you leave your lights on and it doesn't let me lock my keys in the car. It is surprisingly zippy. The reliability is awesome, I never worry about a thing.
My problem? it looks like a dorkmobile.