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2007 Toyota Prius (9 Reviews)
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Great car but difficult to understand complexity and if dealers would be consistently honest and affordable this car would be more of a pleasure to own.
Cost to repair this car is more expense than the current price.
many light in dashboard appear in my Prius 2007 with 84,000.
According with the Tech repairs from Headquarter Toyota the ABS assembly was damage. to repair this piece of that car cost me more than US$3,600.00 Between other pieces to running again on this hybrid car I have to place US$4,900 in the table to fix. The current price for this car in the market is in average US$6,400.00. And Toyota USA never recognize to replace that ABS piece since they made other recalls on this cars on 2,012, year when I purchase this expensive car.....saving money on gas, but to repair is more money for Toyota???????
I purchased my Prius in 2008 with just under 5,000 on it. It now has 62,400 on it, so I've put just about 11,000 miles a year on it.

I've had to replace one headlight, cost me over $300 to do it, excessive in my opinion. Why they designed it so that the bumper had to come off is beyond me, much less $180 just for the bulb.

Had to replace the axillary battery about two months ago for a little under $300.

Just had to have the car towed in yesterday, the Hybrid Inverter Water went causing 5 of the dashboard warning lights to light up, cost for that was $384, which compared to the headlight was not too bad. The extended warranty picked up all but $50 of that.

Had to have it jump started twice when it wouldn't start up, cause of it not starting is beyond me. Sitting in the garage for 2-3 days should not run down the axillary battery that fast. Once was at a rest stop when traveling my fault, I probably left on the lights when I took a nap.

I only have a little under 10,000 miles left on the warranty which will only cover the next year (due to take a 6,000 mile road trip in August. I'm worried about how much more will go wrong with it in the next 30 month until I finish paying for it.....I would really like to not replace it. I ran both of my Honda Accords to around 215,000 miles before they got traded in, I'd like to do the same for this one.

Only one annoying thing, like most, the back up should be heard outside the car to warn people you are backing up, not inside....I already know what I'm doing.
We get an average of 43-45 mpg.
Engine is lacking power on take off, but that is the price you pay for good fuel mileage. There has been a problem with one headlight or the other going out and coming back on, cannot seem to find the cause.
Both tail lights went out (brake lights still worked) and we was pulled over by police, come to find out the bulbs were lose in the sockets, headlights still have the problem.
The suspension is lacking as you get a rough ride.
With all that being said, over all it is a cheap car to drive and we would buy another one, but save yourself a bundle and buy a good clean used one!
This is our first Prius & I avg about 25K miles/year. I like it. We avg about 45 mpg. I did change the tires from the factory installed to a slightly wider version for better traction - the factory installed tires felt extremely unstable in rainy/snowy conditions, so followed advice on other forums on tire rec's. We did have a problem w/rear cupholder coming off. Toyota replaced it, but it did happen again anyway. I also had a display screen go bad & had to pay $700 to have a refurb installed. All that being said, we do enjoy the car & would purchase another
The best engineered car I have owned. The radio could have better reception
My pal needed an SUV to take his family to the snow for a week and I offered to let him use mine, in trade for his spanking-new Prius. After less than a week we were ready to trade back. Decent vehicle but not much fun to drive, and the car beeping at the driver when the gear selector is in reverse reeks of the ultimate in 'you can't possibly be smart enough to realize you just put the car in reverse' mentality. No thanks!
I was excited to get the Prius, however I have found the car to be quite annoying. Forget having to get used to the 4 cylinder vs the 6 cylinders I was in before, but the car has so many oddities/quirks I don't even know where to begin.

First the good stuff: gas mileage (everyone knows this), the consumption game (only prius owners know this), cool spaceship feel in the driver's seat and surprisingly large interior.

Now, for the things that drive me BATTY! (I have an 08 by the way) When you put it in beeps the ENTIRE time! And not outside the vehicle so people know your quiet car is coming, but inside. I feel like it is yelling at me. It's incredibly irritating.

The navigation is HORRIBLE! Again, I am spoiled because I came from an Acura (owned by Honda) and their Navigation is hands down the best, but come can't find Washington D.C. easily. You have to put it in and scroll up? Also, it loves the most roundabout way of getting there.

The passenger seat weight sensor is ridiculously sensitive. I can't tell you how many times it wants me to put a seat belt on my groceries or brief case. Really? Is someone gonna lay their 10lb baby on the seat and start motoring, thus the need for such low weight limit? However, since the seats slope funny and don't have a little ridge at the ends god forbid you have to brake quickly. Everything on your seat goes FLYING off. I have never had this happen so often in a car (and I quick brake a lot) - it's definitely the seat.

And what's up with the pleather? Yuck.

These are just a few things that drive me crazy about the prius. I'm all about "saving the world" but I have to retain my sanity!
Love my car, would have bought even if not a hybrid. Well designed inside & out, w/ a lot of features for a car in this price range.