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2006 Toyota Prius (5 Reviews)
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Best car I've ever owned. 215K miles @ 9 years old and have done little to it.
Front brake pads first time @ 150K miles.
Exhaust pipes @ 170K
1 Rear Shock blew at $165K (so replaced both).

Catalytic converter code just came up at 212K miles and suspension is only now just sounding like it may need attention. Body is in great shape, no rust, and car lives outside in coastal CT. Still average 44-47 mpg.

What more need be said?
Good car, great gas milage, comfortable, surprisingly good pick-up. The downsides: 1) very noisy - dealer said Toyota did not insulate as it increased weight (dec MPG). 2) GPS not worth the cost - displays a "there is no house at this address" for homes/businesses that have been there for 20 years. 3) it costs a fortune ($375 in my area) to replace the smartkey remote. 4) many friends will not ride with me if they have to sit in the back seat - it takes a long time to heat or cool.
This replaced our Ford Explorer. Comfortable seating for 5 and luggage space for 4. I've even hauled a 10x12 shed kit with the back seats down. MPG varies greatly with the season. Hwy in winter avgs abt 42MPG while summer avgs 47MPG (flat land). Strange as it sounds we got about 4 MPG better in hilly Wisconsin Interstate. City MPG is about 7 MPG less than HWY but depends greatly on the number of stop&go's or if a straight open road. If we hit the city stop lights just right we get over 70MPG on a 5 mile stretch of city street..
Incredible car. Only problem that has cropped up is that one of the two HID headlights goes out intermittently, requiring them to be switched off, then back on to restore the failed light. This problem was easily fixed by the dealer with a simple bulb replacement.
Great car, very reliable, did have some computer problems with the headlights going out. SF Toyota took good care of the problem, though, with no additional cost and no hassle. It's not a super fun car to drive, but it more than makes up for that by being very economical. GPS system and bluetooth are great features.