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1994 Toyota Pickup (11 Reviews)
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Paid cash for my 94 base cab 2x4 the day after Christmas in 1993, so it was fresh! Has served me well for the last 23 years or so. Odometer now reads over 240k . I've got the 22re. 5 speed manual. Custom shell installed just after I bought it. It came bare: no ps, no pb, no air, no radio, no cigarette lighter. One belt on the engine to deal with--for the alternator. I have gotten up to 45 mpg at times. Somebody asked me the other day if I wanted to sell it. I said sure......for 20k dollars! My little Toyota will probably outlive me and I hope it does.

Maintenance during that time? On my fourth battery. Fourth set of tires. Had the radiator replaced. New front rotors at 200k. Changed the timing chain for the first time at 200k. I have personally changed the oil every 3000 miles. Today it runs like new.
I have a 1994 Toyota pick up with the 22re motor, I bought brand new as a leader item ( stripped base model ) not even a radio. I am still driving it daily and have about 265,000 miles on it. I get on average 22 mpg in town and between 27 and 32 mpg on the highway cruising at 65-70mph depending on terrain and load. I broke in the engine with Valvoline 20-50 weight oil and new filter at 200 mile then at 500/1500/3000. I went to Castrol Syntec and have run it ever since changing it every 10,000 to 15,000 miles. Yes you read it right every 10-15k miles. I use the truck for my business and it sees everything from beaches to deserts to mountains. I have had no engine problems ( with the exception of valves that are a little noisy ), my dad always said a little loose is a lot better than too tight, when it comes to valves. I live in SoCal and it has always passed its smog cert without a problem. I have a camper shell over the bed that is flush with the top and it is normally loaded with between 500 and 800lbs in the bed whenever I am on business ( I put Highjacker Air shocks on it to help level it out when loaded ). The worst thing is the dash board electronics. I have had the dash lights and the speedometer freak out on me ( the condition comes and goes ) and starts reading in KPH instead of MPH. At one point when I would turn on the turn signal the speedo would bounce back and forth in time with the blinker. I have only had to replace the battery, tires and brakes. It has been the best truck I have ever owned and I have owned 1 ford and 2 dodge truck in my lifetime. I am 57 and wont even think about any other small truck, unless VW brings the AMAROK to the USA!
A 94 toyota pickup with 4 wheel drive the front driveline will turn when engaged the front hubs will not engage. Is there any other part that could go wrong besides the front switch or vacume leak . Both appear to be ok.
1994 toyota 2-wheel drive 22re engine 5 speed tranny. 2nd owner bought in 2004 77,000 miles for $3,500 has 152,000 now. Replaced a few parts but thats normal for any make,model or year after its 10 years old. Toyota trucks with the 22re are like a timex they take a lickin & keep on tickin. Best money I ever spent. Well maybe except for that circus lady.
I hate my truck, it was given to me as I was out of work and needed a truck, I would rather push a dodge! All I do is work on this truck, and I only drive it in town. would NEVER but a toyota!
Got it from my grandfather a little over a year ago with 147,XXX on the clock. Now sitting with 171,653. I've put alot of my own money into the truck (plugs , wires, rotor cap, fluids, master and slave clutch, performance exhaust and o2 sensors, timing chain job, suspension, cold air intake, ect.) car is very easy to work on, parts are cheap, and easy to learn. The engine is great, NOT a power horse by any means but , reliable as long as you do your part, beware the famous timing chain rattle! IT WILL HAPPEN! A/c is weak, needs recharge, will cook your balls off though. ORIGINAL CLUTCH! and still catches fine! 23mpg @ 80mph, 27mpg @ 65mph. Engine 0-60 in 7.2 seconds top speed @ 125mph

All and all one hell of a first vehicle, love it!
I have had mine for over 13 years - its been in two accidents and still runs like a champ. I haul rocks and wood and junk all the time and it keeps on going. Just timing belt change, brakes and belts. though I have to do ball joints and muffler in the near future. Great in the snow and fine off road. Its been a loyal friend and I would like to keep it forever.
this 1994 truck has givin me more trouble then the thing is wearth so i dont recamend this truck but it is a great runner tile the tires fall off
I agree with all the praise of this vehicle. Unfortunately after 192500 I noticed it started running hot. Three days ago it overheated due to no coolant. Filled the radiator and the next day the truck will not start. I checked the oil- and it seems to be mixed with the coolant. (chocalate-brown runny fluid). Advise on internet says blwon head gasket or even a cracked head. OUCH!!!! any advise!!!!!!!
jazzman55 1994 Toyota Pickup 4x4 Ephrata, Pa April 8,2009
This has been the best darned vehicle I have ever owned, EVER.
I agree with " wildsuns" I would like to have a brand new one.
I've been driving this for 13 years and the only major repairs have been the timing chain and guides and a new clutch.
I've been towing a 17 foot aluminum bass boat, fully loaded, all over Pa to the Susquehanna River , and various lakes across the state. With a 4CYL it can be slow going over some of the Mountains but it gets me there and home again. I also go to Delaware (Indian River) to go fishing with a buddy there.
My Toyota, it's the best truck I've ever had
My Toyota, it's a pretty shade of red
My Toyota, it's the best truck I've ever had
My Toyota, I'll drive it till I'm dead
These trucks are fantastic with the 22RE 4 cylinder. You have to watch out for the timing chain rattle because the plastic guides wear after a while. If the chain breaks or comes off the gears you might be looking at a new engine because the chain usually breaks through a coolant passage on the block. My truck only has 140K miles but the trucks I drove during school for a parts house were getting 25mpg and had 286,000 miles!! Do the simple maintenance and these trucks will run and run. Don't let them overheat or you might need a head gasket