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1992 Toyota Pickup (4 Reviews)
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My 1992 Toyota is a great little truck. I bought it with about 145K miles on it and have done nothing but drive it. It survived a 60 mph crash only needing some new plastic in the grille. It is driven hard off and on road as a work truck. As long as you do regular maintenance they run forever. My truck has 190,000 miles runs great and never misses a beat. You take care of it and it does the same.
Very durable truck who doesnt love toyota's. Does seem to need repaired a lot but a least a guy with little mechanic knowledge can do it. For the most part
I own this truck with the 2.4l 4 cyl 22re. Everything on this truck works as well as it did when it was new. However it has slight problems with frame rust. The timing chain problem is also problematic.
The 22re is efficient, durable, and provides a suprising amount of low end torque. Due to the gearing the truck is able to utilise tires up to and beyond 32" without losing much acceleration.
This truck is very tough and reliable. great for daily driver or off-road project truck.
Having now driven over 200K miles I can only say that I wish they would make this EXACT truck again! I have never owned a more reliable vehicle. I am very careful to keep it properly maintained (I do all of my own maintenance) especially in regard to oil changes. The only mechanical problem I've had is timing chain failure at 120K. Yes, the guides disintegrated, the chain snapped & did chew up the inside of the timing cover. I did the repair and decided to just replace the guides & chain assembly every 80K thereafter. So I now just completed the 2nd replacement. It is a bit of a pain, but well worth it. As for all other systems, I have had no problems. Brake pads have been replaced 3 times. A/C system is still original and has never needed service. The 89-95 Toy Pickups are uniquely simple and very well designed mechanically (except the plastic timing chain guides LOL). I'm keeping it and going for 300K.