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1991 Toyota Pickup (7 Reviews)
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I have a rav4 2001 model, Got tapping noise as if its a loose tappet don't know about these is it true the oil pick up on these block easily,ran engine cleaner through it twice and did make little difference. Is it true that they don't have the usual set up and you cant just tighten the tappets by taking off the tappet cover or what ever top cover on motor joined to head is called on these things. Any advice would be much appreciated,ASAP Please
bought this truck in october and have read the reviews on this vehicle and i must say i am an absolute fan of this truck based on my personal expirience with this truck i feel i have bought the perfect truck!! wish they still made em this gd
Bought a new radiator that stated it fits 1991 p/u
after recieving it, it is a 2.4 and i have a 3.0
holes match up housing is a little smaller on the new one
I have a 1991 toyota pickup and just bought a raidator that
says it fits 1991 pickups. After looking it is a 2.4. and
I have a 3.0. holes match but radiator is slightly smaller
Most of the underside still original parts, most parts are pretty cheap and easy to replace. 22re engine that runs like new, transmission took a crap right around 208,000 miles due to pin falling out of 4th gear. Quick fix of 2 grand, runs like a champ again with 211,295 miles. A/C non existent anymore, but could scramble an egg on the dash during a blizzard. learned that if one of the four, battery, alternator, electrical, and starter, decides to quit...the others will soon follow. very durable and reliable, takes me to Nogales and back (140 miles) every Saturday for the past 9 months without fail. All in all, best investment I could have made for first truck.
bullet proof best buy i ever made
This is the only vehicle I ever bought new, and for 18 years now I have never once regretted my ownership. They'll probably have to burry me in it!

As for the quality and reliability - it rocks! With 180K miles on it, I have never had to do any major service or parts replacement. With just regular oil changes, the 4-cylinder (22RE) is rock-solid, burns no oil, puts out like-new power and gets the same 27 to 34 MPG as ever.

The only major parts I've had to replace are brake pads & shoes, shocks, starter solenoid contacts, and battery. The original Panasonic battery lasted nearly 12 years!

Yes, there is good reason why Toyota has eclipsed GM as the world's top auto manufacturer! I'm a real buy-American kind of guy, so I'm really glad most Toyotas sold in America are now made in America these days!

See ya on the hiways and biways...