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1990 Toyota Pickup (6 Reviews)
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4 wheeling machine but fuck the 3.o
My 1990 2 wheel drive pickup extra cab currently has 312000 miles. I bought it years ago and immediately threw the split front seat away and installed buckets from a Corolla. The engine has a hotter cam, an exhaust header and a k & G air filter. I change oil and filter every 5000 miles, using delo 15-40 oil. It has plenty of power and still gets a steady 25 MPG driving it hard. I have heavy duty shocks and bigger springs as I carry up to 1200 lbs often. I pull a 15 boat also. It is fun to drive!
1989 Toyota truck,No Spark have replaced the distributor the coil the coil igniter the computer the battery the coolant temp sensor ! What can a girl do next?
very good truck amazing braking on the 4x4 bad : for the mechanic very good motor but very expensive to fix the v6 3vze i did all the seals and belt it is alot of work to do this you at least need 500 just for labor
1990 Toyota Xtra cab V6 5spd 4x4 med red pearl..... Orig Owner and im with the first guy, I want another one brand new again just like mine!
Had the headgasket blow like all the V6's did, mine went at 80,000 well after warranty expired.. I paid around $3,000 at an indipendant shop to fix and only found out about the special service campaign about a year after all that. But I sent in my reciepts and Toyota reimbursed me almost the whole cost of the repairs...!!! Otherwise has always been the best vehicle I have ever owned. And my truck has more off pavement miles on it then any other rig I know...
And it still gets the exact same MPG now as it did 19 years ago...
Forget giving to my kids, this truck is like one of my kids...!!! People try to buy it often, but my kids are not for sale, nope. Im keeping this one... Even though it is at that age, where I worry about its age.. But still the safest bet to jump in and take off secure knowing it will go anywhere, and bring you back home everytime....
We've had this car in the family since 1990 when it was purchased new. After 18 years the truck hasn't had any major engine problems; has been properly maintained throughout its life. Hopefully I can pass this truck down to my kids.