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2007 Toyota Matrix (4 Reviews)
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Bought this car new in 2007. I live in Canada, and drive it year round. Have 202000 km on it and still runs like new. I have rust proof the undercarriage, and the body still looks immaculate. Except for a tranny flush and regular maintenance the car is amazing. Work with buddies who have Hyundai's with all the gadgets and they are constantly visiting the dealer to get something serviced under warranty. I personally have done all the maintenance for this car, and it still amazes me. I love that I can put an 8 foot ladder in this car and drive. My car was built in Canada and I am happy it helps build our economy. The newer model matrix might look a bit more sporty, but the full back side windows reduce the piller and you get a great view of your blind spots. This car is a winner in my books.
Bought new in March 2007 and now have 165,000 miles... NEVER needed a single repair. In fact this car has never seen a mechanic except to have new tires installed. On my third set of tires and third set of brakes. I have easily maintained it myself, only needing oil change/tire rotation every 5k miles and an occasional air filter change. At 100k I changed the Transmission fluid, coolant, spark plugs and belt. That's it.
I have not been easy on this car, but it has never failed once. The Matrix has a Corolla engine... without a doubt the most reliable engine ever built. If the maintenance schedule was followed from new, a Matrix should last well over 300k miles. Mine still looks good and is still fun to drive. I wish they still made this car.
my matrix was given to me by my father, he bought it new and used it for his job. It just flipped 306,000 miles and runs like new. All the miles he put on it were all highway miles and he regularly changed oil, literally changing it bi-weekly. I absolutely love this car and drive it everywhere and plan to put another 300,000 on it. Only thing i dont like is that the odometer stopped at 299,999 miles and i have to go off the tripometer to record the cars mileage, not really a big deal just annoying. Another thing i like is that even though its a compact car, 5 adults fit very easily and comfortable in it. I'd definately by another one
We've had our Matrix for 4 years, put on 33,500 miles and get 36mpg highway with 5sp manual. Hauls as much stuff as Saturn VUE or similar SUV on smaller platform which is why we chose the Matrix. We didn't want all the options (seems Toyota only offered all the options or none) so we went with the basic model. We have not had any service issues but the CD player recently started skipping. Our dealer offered little help and suggested we look for an aftermarket player. The Matrix handles well in snow and rain but offers bumpy ride on uneven roads. It does all we ask it to do so overall we are satisfied.