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2005 Toyota Matrix (5 Reviews)
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I bought my Matrix new in Jan. 2005. I have well over 200,000 miles on it and I've actually had very little trouble with it. On the downside, it seems like I have to have my brakes repaired a little more often then other cars that I've had, the air conditioning in my opinion is very poor, it doesn't keep it cool much at all in the front seat with the vents pointing right at me, I doubt it gets the back seat very cool. The gas mileage is decent, I don't notice having to put anymore tires on it that any other car I've had. The seats are comfortable and there is quite a bit of room in it. It's no cadilac, but I didn't expect it to be. It's been very reliable for me. I put a lot of miles on it in nine and a half years,and it's still going strong.
We bought our 05 Matrix XR halfway through 2004. Wasn't my first choice of car, but couldnt trust VW reliability at the time. Car is very roomy for its size, and is peppier than the corolla sedan. Ride is rough, was stiff when new, just beats now. Gas has been ok, nothing really impressive, tank too small for long trips. My biggest gripe is the emissions, sensors. We have replaced tires too often on the front, a new alternator at 90,000. cat converter, ox sensors, on its 3rd MAF sensor, and is getting read for new belts, and pulleys. Have 125,000 now, but have beware, this car has been drove decent, oil changed regularly, hasn't left me yet, but has not been cheap to maintain. Certainly not the indestructable Toyota that people say. I would say its not much better than many other cars I have owned from Olds, Nissan,Chevy, VW. I still hang on to it though, its a good commuter car.
I have over 160,000 miles with no major problems. With the seat down in the back, I've amazed sales people, friends, family, etc., with how much I can haul.
The front seats are comfortable with good lumbar support.
It's a great family car! My daughter calls it "zippy" even now.
2005 Matrix ECM (computer) broke at 80K. It destroyed the transmission and blew one of the engine exhaust valves.Toy. corp. said "to bad your out of warranty". The costumer reps are kids in their 20s with no communication skills. Ride is bumpy, uncomfortable on long trips over 2 hours. Instrument panel takes 30 seconds to come on. Not good at night. Front tires wear very fast and uneven regardless of rotations. Nothing like my old Corolla that was made in Japan and gave me 12 years of service. Still ran good when I sold it. My Buick century also outlasted the Matrix.
Love the car, but had one problem that has me very concerned. My alarn system locked up the ignition system and I couldn't get it started. Had to have it towed and the dealer wouldn't cover it under the warranty. So, it ended up costing 200 dollars including the towing. Furthermore, the dealer couldn't give me a definitive answer that explains what happened. They just said a wire had come loose under the dashboard, which sounds like bull to me. So, if you have that problem we should ban together to see if it is a defect in the car. Other than that, had an enjoyable and problem-free 50,000 miles with the car. Love traveling with the car. Can pack everything that I need in the car. I think of it as my cool middle-aged station wagon.