2005 Toyota Land Cruiser Reviews and Owner Comments

2005 Toyota Land Cruiser owners review and rate their 2005 Toyota Land Cruiser.

2005 Toyota Land Cruiser (2 Reviews)
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This is my second Landcruiser, the only reason we replaced the first is beacuse a low miles one rarely comes up - so we traded up a couple years.
The AC blows my husbands new Tundra out of the water- acceleration in passing is powerful, rides quiet and smooth- would not trade it for ANY other SUV.
THE best vehicle we have ever owned- now driving Landcruiser for 12 years!
Hands down the niceset and BEST car on the road today. I look at cars driving on my commute to see if I would rather drive that car. I have never said "wish I could have that car". Only one that ever caught my attention was a NEW Landcruiser. 162k, still looks and drives and smells new. An amazing vehicle.