2000 Toyota Land Cruiser Reviews and Owner Comments

2000 Toyota Land Cruiser owners review and rate their 2000 Toyota Land Cruiser.

2000 Toyota Land Cruiser (5 Reviews)
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just bought this with 106k. has the grey int and in great shape. bought it sight unseen after seller assured me, "no surprizes." only one: the drivetrain (tranny?) clunks into gear. mechanic says could last 100k more but didn't want to change tranny oil. only paid 13k so new tranny wont kill me.
Getting ready to sell at 166K miles. Still tight as a drum, but here is what has happened since new:

(1)transmission just gave out, no warning, but something gave way at the front and shredded the gears, replaced with salvaged unit for $3K.
(2) Exhaust manifold cracked around 120K.
(3) Sensor (O2?) failed around 100K, limited throttle response.
(4) Stereo fried
(5) 'D' light on dash went out
(6) Plastic shield in front of sunroof fluttered and detached itself early on.
(7) Warped brake disk causes pulsing when brakes are applied, waiting for next brake job to deal with it.

All in all, a good car with some good miles still left.
YR2000. No problems at 135K MILES. slight discolorations of interior panel after being in the TX heat & sun. Engine runs well with synthetic oil ( Royal Purple 5W30-needs to change only at 10-12K intervals). Headlights lamps may need new reflectors. Maintains great alignment even after taking into the mud pits and offroading. Braking systems can be slightly better to stop on inclines. Interior panel lighting could be better for night and offroad driving map reading.
A very durable rig. As a used car it retains a very high quality status.
Best vrhicle I have ever owned! Drives like a Lexus, never breaks.