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1996 Toyota Land Cruiser (5 Reviews)
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I had 279,000 miles on mine before a mud bog got me sideways and I had a rollover accident that totalled it. No injuries whatsoever. Owned it for 10 years. My esteem for durability, safety and reliability is vastly more important to me than any concerns about 13 MPG. My experience with brake costs seems consistent with other posts here, also the Birfield joints (CV joint) can be an Achilles' heel.

I had the cylinder head machined at 180,000 because a piece of spark plug wiring fell into the combustion chamber during a tune up and I couldn't get it out. The machinist found a 0.04" warp across the face of the head that he couldn't machine out. He suggested just reassembling it anyway, which I did. I put nearly 100,000 miles on that warped head!

In the ranks of all-time best utilitarian workhorse SUV's this vehicle belongs on everybody's short list, and certainly at the top of my list. I will buy another one.
Everything is great but lets not forget that engine block and head are made out of two different materials and that marriage is not always the most faithfull:( That is the only bad thing that I can say about FJ80, other than that install 100 series brake pads and notice about 10%improvement in braking. Don't seem like much but trust me you can feel it!!!
Bought my 1996 approx 9 years ago with 80k, now have 199k.
Have had to replace some gaskets-leaked oil, and replaced the starter. Drive to many ski areas, and many back roads, have never lost traction much less been stuck. This car is great, it does eant brakes though. Plan I keeping it and when i buy another car it will be a used landcruiser.
I bought my 1996 with 18K on her, she was less than 1 yr old. She now has 92K on her! She guzzles gas (about 12-13mpg) pulling my boat or not. Rusted exhaust had to be replaced, replacing U joints on drive shafts (1K) but love her! Onyx gets me thru everything and has NEVER gotten stuck or left me stranded! Besides, there is a 08 Sequoia but the wife gives me that "walk away before I shoot you look" so Onyx and I will be rolling for years to come.
I have 180 k on mine and it has been great it eats a lot of brakes but the only other repair has been a starter.