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1994 Toyota Land Cruiser owners review and rate their 1994 Toyota Land Cruiser.

1994 Toyota Land Cruiser (2 Reviews)
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Excellent vehicle for the money [we got her when she only had 60K], now she needs a few things done but with 200K+ and still going strong, it is all right for this baby.. We off road ours and she keeps on ticking, no garage/street queen for this one. She will hang in there with the best of them. I forgot she is the best of them!!!

We have a 4runner, Tundra and the her - The! Land Cruiser, need I say more..

Two caveats -

1) Watch for head gasket problems when you start getting up there in the miles. Should of recalled them for it, they have a propensity to let go when you least expect it. But since the normal upkeep includes a valve job at about 200K, it's part of the maintenance schedule and will never know unless you read this write up.

2) Tranny can get funny at about 200K, when the shifting solenoids start to act funny as if shifting starts to get clunky or she will try starting in what seems 3rd or 4th gear. Not expensive to fix but hard to diagnose unless you read this write up.

Oh yeah one more funny little thing, the "D" light in the dash will go out or has gone out, join the club,

The internet will be your friend when things start to go wrong with the above mentioned; will be the answer to all your problems.
I bought my 1994 Landcruiser used with 140k miles. I have put 20k miles on it but first made some simple after market upgrades (magnaflow muffler, K&N air filter and Rancho shocks and stearing stableizer). I do a lot of off roading for my work and have been had a Toyota 4x4 1985 pick up, 1992 4x4 4runner and a 1997 4x4 4runner. All in all this is by far the best Toyota experience I have had. I love this truck!!