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2007 Toyota Highlander (5 Reviews)
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160,000 miles and still going strong - other than brakes, tires and scheduled maintenance, I've had to replace the alternator at about 80K, one ignition coil at 150K, and a leaking AC Condenser at 160K. Compared to other cars I've owned, and that's a lot with 2 kids in college, this car has been incredible. As it also came with a lifetime power train warranty, I'm going to keep it for as long as possible - and when it finally goes, I would buy another Toyota in a heartbeat.
My 2007 Toyota highlander hybrid is the best vehicle I have ever had. She was bought brand new and is now approaching 200,000 miles. She has had her regular oil change and tire rotation every 5,000 miles and no problems. For awhile when she was traveling to Denver once a week, she was needing new tires almost every year. She has had one alignment done and the brakes are still the original ones. She averages 26 miles on the highway and 18 in town and cruises so smoothly and has great power and coasting for mountain driving. She is my baby.
I now have 75,000 miles on my white 2007 Highlander SPORT and could not be happier with it's results. The six cylinder "variable valve timing" gets 19mpg overall including a lot of city driving. Twice hauled a pretty big boat/trailer and of course used my "overdrive switch-off" during city driving, but handled freeway in full overdrive except going over the Hollywood hill or any other steep hill.
The cargo area is excellent (haven't tried the seats underneath - wish I could remove them) compared to all the other SUV's in it's class. Just replaced all 4 struts and repl. tires at 69,000miles. Passenger set wish was 6way. Otherwise, keep it waxed and loved...and my "angel" takes care of me.
I put new tire on my highlander 2007 and take to wheel elinment guy and he told me that may be your Main Rear Seal is leaking an dyou have only 41K mile so must be in warrenty but dealer said that no it is not in warrenty.Since i bought i took for oil change same dealer they were not able to find this problem. whta shoud i have to do beacause they ask for $2300v to fix this problem
80K miles and never a problem. Not one day in the shop other then routine oil service and tire service. Have not even had to get new brakes yet!!!!