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2006 Toyota Highlander owners review and rate their 2006 Toyota Highlander.

2006 Toyota Highlander (2 Reviews)
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Bought the Highlander new in 2006. This is my 5th and final Toyota prduct. Trim and interior has been falling apart on this since the 2nd year and dealership refused to handle under warranty. Engine has vibrated since after 1st year and dealership stated it was normal; my ass. Now the waterpump bearing is out at just over 60 k and they are refusing warranty wanting 474.00 parts and labor to repair. The parts are 113.00 from Toyota on line?? WTF Toyota you use to build good vehicles and greed has lead your quality to go to hell. I'm buying a Honda or Subaru at least if you have an issue they have customer focused dealerships.
About the Highlander V6 3.3 Liter, 4WD.
Pros: powerful engine, good brakes. Cons: not really 7 passengers Toyota SUV