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2005 Toyota Highlander owners review and rate their 2005 Toyota Highlander.

2005 Toyota Highlander (7 Reviews)
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We bought the car new and it now has 205,000 miles on it. Aside from regular maintenance we replaces the air conditioning condenser at about 150,000 mile.

The car is in the shop now for a wheel bearing replacement and a leak at the valve cover. I am having the valves adjusted since the cover will already be off. There is a slight leak in the power steering but the quoted cost for fixing this is very expensive. I expect to get a second opinion and quote.

All in all we are very pleased with the Highlander. The interior is in excellent condition and aside from a few dings the outside is in good shape as well. We expect to drive it to (or past) 300,000 miles.
Bought new in 2005 v6 AWD Toyota Highlander, now have 148,000 miles. Best vehicle i have ever owned, and i have owned a few nice vehicles before and during owning this vehicler. I have replaced regular stuff like tires, pads, rotors, wipers, battery... normal stuff. Other issues have been that something went on with hot/cold knob where it would not turn to cold. i now have a minor, but still existent exhaust leak. My moonroof stopped working at about 100k and i just leave it closed and never bothered to fix it since Toyota wanted $1400 to fix. I do not know why seeing that i could install a moonroof in a car that doesn't have one for about that price. But that is it, i would recommended this vehicle to anyone
Six years old with about 90K. Very reliable and still drives like new.

Had to change the battery, timing belt, and a few belts.

Best vehicle ever purchased.
Bought new in 2005. Have 132,000 mi and other than servicing , one battery (small one) and one headlamp.... not a bit of trouble. Even haul the boat with it. Its dependable, safe and stylish.
Bought in Feb 2005 now have 234,789 miles on it. Still looks and drives like new. Should not be rated for 7 passengers not enough. room
60k on the car now, was new in June 2005. Looks and runs like new.
great car have not had any problems with it. It is just now beginning to need repairs.