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2002 Toyota Echo (3 Reviews)
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I have a 2002 Toyota Echo with approximately 210,000 miles on it. For the past 5 years, I have taken it in for its semi annual service (3,500 to 4,000) miles to the dealership. It is not cheap, but they do a good job with it and considering the time saved and customer service, I have had no problems with them. If so, I bring it to their attenton and they fix it.

Right now my check engine light has come on. This is the second time this has happened. The first time I had to replace the catalytic convertor. Hopefully, this won't be as costly. Other than that, the body has held up well, considering the bumps and bruises it has gotten and I have only had 1 major accident in it. My next car will be a Toyota.
Bought my first Echo, a used 2000, in 2009 with 202,000 on it and drove it to spring of 2011 when the 5 speed transmission locked up on it (232,000). It got consistently 43 mpg. Purchased my second, a 2002, in May 2011 with 125,000 on it. Runs just like the first but I get better mileage now, 44 - 48 mpg. Got 50 once on a 500 mile round trip from Cincinnati to Youngstown OH. Whole trip 70 mph with the AC on. If I drove this one slower 55 to 60 mph I'm pretty sure I could break the 50 mpg barrier. Oh, the first one I sold to my mechanic who dropped a rebuilt transmission in it and now it's back on the road for more. Great little car but lots of room for a 6'4" driver and one passenger, really don't use the complementary back seat. If you find one of these used buy it.
Most reliable car I ever owned. Ethanol corrupted gas gives me 38 mpg. Non ethanol gas gives me 45 mpg. Five speed stick, no frills. Changed radio to one with CD player. We tow the car periodically. Use Mobile One,
Body is functional, gives good headroom. Brakes are adequate. Drive chain is staright forward, no problems. Emissions are - not tested in FL. Heat and ac are great. Steering is manual, so the wheel turns ate 5-1/2 lock to lock.