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2001 Toyota Echo (5 Reviews)
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i have toyota echo 2001 model.i got some problems the problems are following below
sometimes it's not start battery power is ok i had given many mechanic to solve the problems i don't know how to make it ok
My baby Lexus as I call my Echo was given as a gift to me by a customer of mine, I own a Body Repair and Paint Car Shop, spent less than $200 bucks to bring it back to life, a whole new paint job, looks and runs as good as any full size brand new car. Will not trade or sell it by no means. Great lil big car.
311,000 miles and still going.

Same engine, transmission, clutch, pressure plate, alternator, water pump, rotors, radiator, air conditioner compressor, starter.

It will be a lot shorter if I just write what I have replaced:
One headlight bulb, One O2 sensor, tires, brakes, windshield, oil,
plugs, belts, filters, wipers, battery.

If it weren't for the deer that ran into ME, the body would still be straight.
Great little car. It"s like the Energizer Bunny.. It just keeps going and going.... Great gas Mileage ......great internal design....Put the back seats down and haul lumber with trunk open...The guys in pick-up trucks are amazed ! My Lil" Echo Rocks !
I purchased my 01 Echo used in May of 2005 from a dealer. It had 70K miles on it and has worked very well for four years. I have put 120K more miles on it. The 5 speed manual transmission just went out. I am currently shopping for a used transmission as that is the only replacement option.