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2000 Toyota Echo (8 Reviews)
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I bought my Echo with 172,000 miles on it. Shortly after purchase , I had shift cable freeze up. Not Toyota' s issue. It was pinched in an exhaust connection, by a dumb mechanic. Replaced leaky water pump & a weak alternator, shortly after purchase. Other than that, it's been oil & filter changes, & air filter & spark plug. All brake pads & shoes replaced along with tires. Now at 225,000, I am replacing the power steering high pressure line, Due to wear from a rough Wisconsin winter. Very reliable car. Tough, too! 6 minor accidents & very little damage to show for it.
I love my little Echo. But, at 72,000 miles I noticed an oil leak. (I say I "noticed" it at 72,000 miles, but it actually could have started earlier.) Mechanic said it's the rear main seal. The car was nine years old at the time of the diagnosis, but still, I've taken care of it, and 72,000 miles seems like an unusual interval for the rear main seal to go bad. Wondering if anyone else has had this problem with her/his Echo early on.
Otherwise, car has been good to me, and if Toyota still made them I'd probably buy another.
My sister gave me her ECHO as a birthday present in 2004. I remember when she bought it, I used to make fun of it, calling it a girls car. Now, However, I wouldn't part with it if you payed me. I have driven this car cross country 5 times, and simply driven it through hell as a pizza delivery driver in the city, and she still refuses to give me even the slightest sign of trouble. It has driven on I-80 through the worst blizzard Iowa has seen in years, counting 80 cars and trucks that had slid off the road between Davenport and Des Moines. It amazes me every time how much stuff will actually fit inside it. SUVs and Trucks are for pansies. Give me a Toyota ECHO any day.
I've put my 2000 Echo through hell for the last ten years, & 195,000 miles. No parts have failed, until yesterday (the starter). Still have the original engine, transmission, alternator, a/c compressor, exhaust, etc. All summer, every summer, since year 2000, I used my Echo to tow a heavy landscaping trailer with heavy landscaping equipment every day of every summer... and still she keeps going. The owners manual says "do not tow with this vehicle", yet the car (with anti-lock brakes) tows just about anything... anywhere. Amazing car!!! I love it!
This is the most reliable car I have ever owned. Over 160,000 miles and only pads, oil have been changed. The a/c just went out, but oh well.
I purchased my Echo new in 2000, and have been extremely happy with it. I am over 6 feet tall, and am impressed by the head room and leg room in this little car. The gas mileage is great and it is an excellent "city car". My only slight concern is that it squeeks and groans a bit when passengers get out of the vehicle.
I've had my Echo since 2000 when I bought it new. I would marry this car if it were legal. 'Nuff said. :-)
I purchased my Echo brand new in 2000, without even driving it first. It has been the most awesome car ever, never letting me down or disappointing me in any way. I took it from Colorado to the Netherlands to Ireland, driving it in Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, England, Scotland, Wales, Luxembourg, and Ireland, and not once have I ever had a problem with it, despite the fact that I've been a terrible owner and have only really changed the oil five or six times. It's now got nearly 80,000 miles on it and let me tell you, it takes a beating and never once complains. When we moved to Ireland in June of this year we packed it to the gills, filling every available square inch of space that someone wasn't sitting in. The back end sunk so low we couldn't go over a speed bump slowly without bottoming out - and still, it got about 45 MPG and handled beautifully. It starts every time, without exception, and has never had any rattles or burps. It responds immediately to every maneuver, always willing to please. The dashboard is beautifully situated off to the side and facing me so it doesn't get in the way while I'm driving. There are enough pockets in the front compartment to store a plethora of items - whoever designed the Echo was a genius! I will drive mine until it falls to pieces. I love it so much and am so loyal (and grateful) to it that, rather than sell it, I have paid a small fortune to ship it to Europe, then Ireland, and am now getting ready to pay some more to ship it back to the US. I simply will not part with it. If you want a car that will *always* get you where you're going and never complain, the Echo is it. It has an amazing amount of trunk space - seriously, you wouldn't believe it. It doesn't look like it because the outside portion of the trunk looks short, but believe me, it holds three or four HUGE suitcases plus all sorts of miscellany. It's so well designed, and a pleasure to drive, and the gas mileage is incredible. I know it's rated in the low 40's but I consistently get 48-52 MPG (highway) despite its age and abysmal maintenance record.

Before I bought my little red Echo I owned a Toyota Previa, and before that I had a Toyota Celica. All of them were amazingly designed and totally reliable cars, no matter what you do to them or how many miles they have on the clock. Wondering whether to buy an Echo? Do it! You'll never, ever regret it.