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2010 Toyota Corolla (5 Reviews)
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My 2002 5-speed Corolla has 117K miles on it. My last 2 cars had over 250K each when I replaced them and I had high hopes for this one. I think it's one of the rare "lemon" Corollas, though. I bought it in 2007 with 42K miles after having it inspected by my mechanic. After 7 months it needed a new transmission ($2K). A year later it needed a catalytic converter ($750K). Now I'm being told it needs struts ($1.5K). I've never had to replace any of these things in any other car I've ever owned! I'm wondering if I should just cut my losses and get rid of it, but in between the expensive repairs it's been reliable with only regular maintenance needed. I wish there was some way to know if something else big is going to go. I'm thinking that some of the issues are because the car must have sat a lot before I bought it, the mileage in a 5 year old car was so low which I thought was a good thing then.
I have had this car for seven months and this is my fourth corolla. I like the added safety features and the jack for the mp3 player.
The lack of intermiitent speed selection for the wipers really sucks.
Extreme pressure change when driving over 40 mph.
I have owned my 2010 Toyota Corolla S for 3 months and I already have paint peeling on my front bumper and prob 10 rock chips on my hood. The dealership is pretty much giving me the run around.
Have to wait til a Toyota paint rep comes to look at it! UGH soooooo frustrating!!! Thinking I'm prob gonna have to get legal advice....
our new 2010 Corolla with 500 miles(thats all)on has an extremely rusted exhaust and udercarriage (bolts corroded, metal rusted through), are there other corollas out there with same problem?