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2009 Toyota Corolla (6 Reviews)
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I bought my Corolla in 2008 brand new. I figured by the time my child was able to drive this car would be in great condition at 7 years old. Boy was I wrong! Within a year I had to get a brand new set of tires as the factory tires were horrible. I have literally had close to 10 light bulbs go out in the car. Currently the light under the gears is out. If it is dark I have no idea what gear I am in unless I look up at the main panel. Not great for a new teen driver! Light bulbs should not go out like they do in this started about 3 years after I bought car. Dealership first told me I probably used my brakes too much! I have had too many recalls to count. My AUX device messed up and I had to have that fixed to listen to music on a phone. I had paint chipping and rusting after only two years of having. I am so disappointed in this car. There are other things that have messed up way before they should have but I can't remember them all! I need to buy a new car for myself so my child can have this car, but I can't afford a new car AND keep up with the maintenance on this lemon.
My 2009 Corolla won't pass the Emissions test. The "check engine light is not on however the computer has not reset for a "readiness" mode for the catalyst and oxygen sensor. I have driven the car over 300 miles since the first failed test, 8 days ago. Toyota Service advised me in accordance with their internal 2002 readiness monitor drive patterns catalyst monitors: that it's not the "mileage," but the various speeds that resets the computer. I need to let the car idle to 176 degrees F, then drive 40-50 mph 3 to 7 minutes, then 35-45 mph for 7 minutes.) I am to do this with a smooth throttle operation, avoid sudden acceleration & sudden deceleration. If the readiness status does not switch to complete, repeat the above steps. The car drives well otherwise as I keep it maintained. Any comments or suggestions out there?
I love my car. However I have rust on the drain hole of the sunroof and Toyota refuses to fix it under warranty! Poor customer service even got Nationals involved! $1200 to fix.
Very reliable, just a little weak in the steering compartment
I have bought a 2009 Corolla S brand new from the dealership for excellent price. It now has 50,000 miles on it and no problems. The interior has excellent style. Seats are very comfortable and very easy to clean. There is plenty of room in the front and back seats. The trunk has plenty of room. The S styling looks very nice and sporty. The 4 cylinder engine is very quick. Front wheel drive. Vehicle does include front and side airbags. It is equipped with traction control, ABS, vehicle stability control. Does excellent in all weather including snow. Very smooth ride. Overall quality is excellent. The steering tightens up at higher speeds for better control. The vehicle gets on average 34mpg. I would 100% recommend this car to anyone.
my ac keps blowing hot air and cold air when the car is park up it blows gold as soon as you start driving it strats to blow hot air what good be the problem