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2007 Toyota Corolla (21 Reviews)
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Ok--have been reading the reviews on the 2007 Toyota Corolla, and and now will give mine ! Bought the 2007 brand new, in less then 2 years the water pump went out (still under warranty, thank goodness) then in 2014 the water pump went out AGAIN !! Had to pay this time, not happy about it going out the second time. Well the AC is not working now.Would not recommend this car to anyone as I have only 56133 miles on it. Consumer reports give it a bad rating, sounds like Camry and Prieus is the best .
In Dec 2014, rolled over 203K miles, great value!
Definitely buy the extended warranty, $840 for five year 100K, where do I sign. It covered CPU, driveshaft seal, and two other items I forgot for easily $1700.
Since then, struts needed to be replaced $500 (make sure you wipe them down before inspection if no conering or handling issues), and intake manifold gasket for $300.
So, $18.5K purchase, $1,740 m
I bought this car new in 2007. I love this little car. It has been brilliant. Ultra reliable. I have just under 100k on the odometer and have only had a problem with the water pump. So, I spent 15k on a car, drove it for 6-7 years, and replaced a water pump for about $450. I call that a good deal. I hate the Toyota dealerships though.
I have a 2007 Corolla with 35,000 miles. I am now told I need the struts replaced! I already had the breaks replaced. How could this car with so few miles have strut problems? I was quoted a price of $750.00 to have them fixed. Also, my light goes on "maintenance required."I just had oil change...
My 2007 runs well and I have no mechanical issues, lives up to what I expect from Toyota. I do, however, have water leaking into passenger area especially in front when it rains, floor gets really wet, vacuumed at least 1/2 gallon of water out of floor mat last time had heavy rain. Dealer and Toyota deny any obligation at this point at least. Dealer says cost to repair is $450. This kind of failure is very rare I think. The car has 100,000 miles on it so far, many more left but I am unhappy about water leak, this shouldnt happen.
My 2007 Corolla purchased new, has been a good car, except the AC went out and will cost over 1300 to fix just after the warranty expired, I live in Kansas with 100+ degree weather and it really stinks that I can't get the AC fixed for less and enjoy my summers.
Can't stand to go out of town in it with no AC.
Bought my 2007 Toyota Corolla brand new, just before the warranty was up, water pump went out! Now the A/C won't bring any cool air into the car, have only 36,316 miles on this car, and take it in faithfuly to the dealer for oil change and maintenance. Not a happy camper!
I bought my 07 corolla in july of 2007 new. I have put 167,000 miles on my car. I havent had any real problems. The clutch started slipping at about 150,000 miles. Its still running ok. Interior is cheaply made, center console is broken. No other problems, its been a good car
Very few problems!
I just saw that someone else wrote that their car leaks when it rains. Mine does too. expecially near passenger door and through my moonroof switch. Toyota told me it is because a did not clean my moonroof area. Went home and cleaned it. Still leaking. All my family has toyota, we are all going to switch now.
My 2007 Corolla, which I purchased new, broke two weeks ago and Toyota has said they are not able to get the part to fix it. Is anyone else having the same problem? A clip that is attached to a strap that holds the pan under the gas tank broke and the pan now vibrates very loudly against the exhaust system. The service techician where I bought the car wired (?) the parts together so they wouldn't vibrate so loudly and told me they can't get the part, don't have any idea when it will be available, and to keep driving the car until it breaks again. He suggested I get the part off a wrecked car. When I called the salvage yard they said the part would probably be broken if a car is wrecked. I'm afraid to drive the car any more than necessary due to the vibration. Is anyone else having problems getting this part to the fuel system? Can anyone tell me if it's dangerous to drive with the vibration?
ecm nightmare! check engine lite at 38K miles. had ecm replaced under the 8/80K. now today, the day after picking it up from the dealer, i go shopping, goto start the car, and it doesn't start. so i scanned the car and now im getting a different code. car starts whenever it feels like it. wow toyota... thanx!
At 64000 miles the clutch started to go. It's still (barely) running at 68000 miles, but Toyota wants $1500 to fix it! This car is a lemon - worst cheapest I've ever had
I have a 2007 corolla. At 20000 miles the trunk wont release.Has to replace the latch. No cost to me. At 38920 miles car acted like the fuel filter needed replaced. Toyato checked it and had to replace the computer. Again no cost to me.
i bought this car in 2007 and so far i have no complaints. I love it.
I bought a 2007 Corolla at the end of 2006 and it sucks. The bottom of the passenger's side leaks water when it rains and not just a little bit. It gets the floor mat soaking wet. It also leaks water from the light above the rearview mirror. And again, not just a little but a good amount. It's very annoying when I turn because the water will drip onto my lap. Also, about a year ago, my car started making this squeaking noise like something is loose and turning. Went to get it fixed twice and keep in mind this was a brand new car on the lot NOT used. I feel like Longo Toyota sold me the crappiest one.
I love my 2007 Corolla. My car has great pick-up. It really takes off. It runs great. Like any car it has some dings and dents from being bumped. Overall reliability, it is a great car. I have taken it on some trips and I am comfortable in it. It is not a luxery car. It is a budget car. My son has my 1993 corolla and it still runs great.
I have a 2007 corolla and I had the check engine light couple of times. They said it is computer problem. But my worry is, since it is under warrenty they rectified, but when it goes beyond warrenty period, it is expensive to replace it. Are toyota consider it and need a recall?
I have a 2007 Toyota & since I bought it the check engine light is on. Toyota dealer can't fix it yet even after replaced the sensor. They claimed is a computer glich. After all the recalls should I be worry?
Great car so far.
While the Toyota Corolla may be good on the gas mileage front, this car is not fun to drive. Our family recently rented this car (marketed as a 'mid size' by Hertz) for a week - boy, was it uncomfortable to drive. There is no lumbar support in the seats and no height adjustment, the engine has no pickup -- and I felt unsafe the whole time, the interior is 'plastic-ey' -- it's really a tin can on wheels. I'm sure the repair and maintenance is easy as it's a Toyota - you probably won't see this car in the repair shop. I wouldn't buy it for a family, it doesn't feel safe for the kids.