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2005 Toyota Corolla (15 Reviews)
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This is my 3rd Toyota, (1 truck and 2 corollas) It just keeps going. I got a great deal on this in 2010 because of all the hoopla going on about the recall on gas pedal. I never had any of the "recalls" repaired. I bought it with 44K on it from a private owner who took care of it.

Now it has 130K. I've only replaced brakes once. (It's an automatic but I downshift a lot before braking) Replaced the serpentine belt once just out of precaution. Replaced the original battery in Nov of 2015 and only did so because wow, that's a long time and didn't want to get stuck in the winter.

I had to replace part of the exhaust around 90K including the muffler. My light on the shifter showing drive, reverse etc went out at about 100K. That's it! Love this car and will be looking for another pre-owned Corolla within the next two years.
engin light on transmission lock out code 153,000 Mi whay is this?
why is my suspension totaled
I, my daughter and my youngest son all bought the 2005 corolla. They have 85,000 and 120,000 miles, I have 139,000 miles. We have only bought tires, brakes (me at 110,000) and standard oil & filter. I replaced the long cooling belt at 90,000 just as a precaution. The engine trouble light came on at 138,000, it was just the gas cap was not tight, the computer print out said it could be loose wire on sensor of tranny, but the gas cap took care of it. WHAT A GREAT CAR!!! i'm in south Georgia they are in Michigan and indiana.
Bought mine at 50k in 07 I've put 150,000 on it since and the only repairs I've had to make is the throttle position sensor .
This is car has had numerous issues the transmission slips since the first week I bought it. The interior console has broken twice and Toyota fixed the first one because it was deemed defective but will not replace the second one. The computer died while I was driving it and stranded me. This was repaired but Toyota knew of the issue and never contacted owners. This is my third and last Toyota. I believe their quality safety and value have seriously declined since my first car purchase.
The mechanic says I should have the water pump replaced although I have had no problem with it
I had replace the transmission at 34000 mi. Had to replace the park neutral safety switch at 72000 mi. Had a recall on the electronic control unit & was replaced at 72000 mi. Had to replace the water pump at 73000 mi.
At 90,000 the computer quit and so did the car at a stop light ($1300.00+ repair at dealer). Had 2 oxygen sensors go at different times repaired for total of $600.00. The last Toyota I ever buy.
Electric control module will go at some point so make sure you have your car under warrenty. My experience, I had to change a few senors due to the check engine light that rank up cost after a while and also electric issues with this car. Great gas per mile but the long term this toyota car is not reliable.
I have no specific complains about this car but , i met an accident last week and realised the car does not stop if you apply brakes suddenly on this car, so please don't even try putting brakes when you have to stop all of a sudden rather try to escape the collision.
And More over Air bags did not come out of the car :( that was something i was not prepared for . Heard similar complains from lot many Toyota owners who have met accidents in past .
So please drive this car slow and safe , its good on gas but not very good on safety.
Hope this review would help someone looking for some inforation on this car.

I have a 2005 toyota corolla cannot pass the emission test because of a check engine light. Toyola dealer says it needed a electronic computer unit has the ECU replaced and after driving the car away from the dealer, the check engine light came back on. I has to pay 805.00 for a ECU. Then Toyota ran another check and said that another transmission was needed and that it would cost me $2990.00 for one.
What can I do?
I've got 70,000 miles and it has been very reliable with minimum issues. Just replaced a failed battery. Other than oil and filter changes, the only other maintenance I've done so far is change the spark plugs. The ignition control module failed and was replaced at 36,000 mi. while under warranty. My only gripe is that for a few years now it has had a minor oil drip from the front main seal that I have yet attempted to fix.
Bought mine used with 10k on it. I like the gas mileage 38-41mpg hwy 34-35mpg city (with 5-speed manual) depending on how agressively I drive. I also like the ride & handling. What I don't lik e is the noise level on the highway especially on coarse road surfaces. It gets so loud you can't hear the radio or passengers talk unless you shout. The standard radio sound system is lousy & the CD player sometimes skips when I hit a bump