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2004 Toyota Corolla (6 Reviews)
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I have a 2004 Corolla LE with 237,000 miles on it. there has only been one issue, the AC stopped, the fan still worked. I looked online and found some info about a relay that would occasionally fail, I went and got one a local parts store and replaced it. 2 hours and $13 later it was all better! This car has been a real trooper and I have no idea what I would replace it with, whenever that times comes. It could be a while, I have a friend with an older Corolla with 350,000 on it. I change the oil every 3000 miles and keep up with all the recommended maintenance items.
Now have 108K. No major repairs. Excellent and fun car to drive. Mainly driven by wife as a commuter car. Below is every item I have had to do to the car since purchased new in 2004. For the most part it is just common sense wear and tear/preventative maintenance stuff.
Brake pads at 58K pads and rotors coming before 109k. Oil changes every 4-6k using either an OEM, Bosch Filtec or Mann oil filter. Switched to high mileage oil at around 75K. Have used different major oil brands. Radiator fluid and water pump changed at 50k (pump covered under warranty to my surprise) will do fluid again before summer. Tranny fluid changed at 45K, will do pan drop fluid and filter change again soon. Brake fluid changed at 100K. Regular engine air filter changes as required about every 12 to 15K. Same for cabin air filter. Spark plugs changed out at 92K looked good when removed. Car has maintained an average combined 32mpg. Got 60k out of OEM tires and will easily get that out of this set (Michelin's).
Never had an alignment. Rotate tires every other oil change. OEM battery lasted until 2010. Replace both headlights after drivers side went out in 2012.
Have used dealer service to do water pump (which they found leaking when I went in for radiator fluid change) and the first 6 oil changes which they did for free. They also did the brake pads and charged an arm and a leg. Bought second set of pads and new rotors on line and will have local mechanic change them. Cost savings are significant. All other oil changes have been done at different local oil change places. Air filters and head light changes were done by me. Tire rotations and balances are free at Discount tire. Have not decided on where next tranny fluid and filter change will be done at. Plugs changed by local mechanic for $25.00 in labor. I bought the plugs (NGK) on line.
My 2004 computer crapped out just driving along.Upon research this computer needs velcro attached to it so you can replace quickly and often. It all seems to happen around 80K miles.
I have a 2004 Corolla with what I feel is an unusual problem. Only occasionally when I start the engine the exhaust shows burning oil for a few moments, then it clears up. I also notice that there are occasions of acceleration through a curve or turn where it will burn oil for a short space of time, and sometimes on rare occasions when just accelerating it will burst a few seconds of oil burning. Does any one have experience with what this may be... I feel it is not constant enough to be piston rings, maybe it is the valve guide on one or more of the valves? I visualize oil pooling in the heads not draining back to the engine block properly, then slowly seeping through the valve guide into the affected cylinder to smoke till burned. Still, the question is why only occasionally? I would love to remedy the cause, but it has a few mechanics stumped during test drives, because the symptoms are occasional and like most sporadic symptoms, they never seem to occur for the professional examining the car.
has worked perfectly for 102K miles, so far. The only thing that died was the radio/cd player, at about 80K miles.
This is a great car with excellent gas mileage. I have about 71k miles on my corolla and I have not had anything problems with it.