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2001 Toyota Corolla (9 Reviews)
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I have a 2001 toyota corolla bought it new.I have taken very good care of this car and lately the paint has been peeling in spots and fading I have kept wax on this car all these years so this should not of happened.I do believe there is something wrong with this paint.As I am driving around I have seen other cars like mine with the same problem.These people need to complain and maybe Toyota would do something about this.This is the first Toyota That I have had problems with the paint.I have owned 4 Toyotas and the paint always stayed new looking.So if you are having this problem please make toyota aware of it....
Bought my Toyota Corolla 10 years ago and have only had minimal work done...only maintenance type things like brakes, brake pads, one timing belt, cv joints...normal stuff. I am at 209,000 miles and going strong. Just made a 2,300 mile trip. The car has been to Colorado from Georgia twice and countless trips to TX and VA. It has been a champ. I will drive nothing BUT a Toyota!
After a trouble-free 5 years, the oil light blinked a couple times. The next day I checked and it was 1.5 qts low. No problem, put oil in it like usual. 2 days later the engine siezed up? $4,500 for a rebuilt. My first and absolutely last Toyota.
This model engine would burn oil like crazy. Great mechanic says that model valve seals are defective. Rebuilt engine, $2500.00 and running like new. Because burning oil it burned out cat. converter and had to replace, $375.00 to pass emissions. Fly wheel needs to be replaced due to lateral crack in this part. Cost $500.00 to replace because the transmission has to be dropped in order to get to the fly wheel. Wife had car and is very hard on vehicle now I'm getting the car back in shape and plan to keep as my everyday work car for another 10 years. Great gas mileage. Not the best looking vehicle on the road but not driving for the looks to work everyday. Cost me some $ to maintain but cheaper than new car note. Dependable now that I have a great mechanic to take care of repairs. Hope to get 300k miles out of this vehicle.
The vehicle has great visibilty and handling. Its amazing on fuel consumption. I love my car! Although, its not the best looking thing out there, with a bit of love you could bring some changes that will have this car looking better then the same year competition vehicles (Civic, Focus, Protege, etc.) Very cost efficient.
I bought this car used with a little over 40K on the dash about 7 years ago. I'm now at 100K- no major repairs to this point. Tuned up 3 times during this span of ownership. Had the belts and hoses inspected thoroughly at 90K- all checked good. I ran Castrol 10W30/40 until about 80K, have switched to Mobile 1since. Getting about 35MPG. One issue I've been having is that the engine occasionally "stalls" when applying the gas from a full stop. Idle runs a tad slow for a few minutes at startup- requires a bit of coaxing from the gas to finally idle at a good level. Cosmetically- paint around the door molding is coming off, outside driver door handle broke off when the wind caught it while holding, and indoor handle on the driver door broke off after acting a bit screwy for a year. How do I open the driver door, you might ask? I made a loop of velcro tape around the outside door handle. It may look funky, but it works! Outside of these minor bits, this car has been great. It shows no signs of not being able to make it to 200K and beyond.
Paint is starting to wear in a few places, but has never been garaged, so not surprising. Brakes do need more frequent replacement than expected, and having drums on the back isn't the optimum choice. Has held up exceptionally well as far as drive train is concerned. Engine eats oil, but is common for this model year 1zz-fe (keep oil in it and it'll run forever). Have had to get cat converter replaced and have replaced charcoal canister due to overfilling gas tank (allegedly). Feels a little sloppy as far as drive is concerned, but with a new set of coilovers and struts (and possibly strut/sway bar) sticks to the road like nobody's business. Only other thing replaced was the Mass Airflow Sensor. Terrific car. Prefer this over my 2005 Honda Element hands down. Have used and abused this vehicle over the years and it still runs terrifically!
Over the last three years, have had to replace mass air flow sensor, front oxygen sensor twice, rear oxygen sensor, gas cap, catalytic converter, and a few other things I can't remember, all in an effort to get rid of the check engine light and pass emissions inspection. No one seems to be able to get to the heart of the matter. I am quite tired of spending money every year and driving with the light on all the time! I do know that Toyota Corolla's are notorious for issues with the gas cap and engine light (straight out of the dealer's mouth!). I love the gas mileage and beyond the check engine light and replacing the brakes quite frequently, I find no other issues (I have always been a loyal Toyota driver).
I have a 2001 corolla. I have had it for 6 years and it has been a wonderfull car up unttil now. It has 164,000 miles. It has been burning an about a quart of oil a week. The Toyota deadership has told me it is the block and another macanic says its the valves. Either way it will cost alot to fix. I have always stayed on top of oil changes. I thought I could get alot more out of it.