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1998 Toyota Corolla (4 Reviews)
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Great car exellent milage. Car drove very nice, handled great. Never really had many problems with the car. I put 135k miles on it and still would be driving it if it only had a deer deflector sheild.
Hi, I'm Alberto, live and own a 98 Corolla in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic.

I bought this car back in 1996 from a previous owner, the car was in great conditions, now I keep it (after 4 years) in very good shape, I must say that I use this car every single day, even for a short ride, might stop 2-3 days when on my yearly vacations. This said, I assure this is a great car that works with no problem at all, in my case the engine is as stable as always, altough it burns oil pretty quicky, specially when I do a 160 miles trip from my city to another, really annoying because you can't count with the regular time before changing oil, you have to keep completeing it like every 2 weeks, this is why the engine got 3 out of 5 stars in this review; if you can bear with it, just as myself, you've got yourself a great car, otherwise, avoid the 98-02 corolas, get your self a 2003 or later, which is my next goal after my wife and I finish constructing our house here in Dominican Rep.

Have a nice ride!

Alberto Severino
Love this car. Few repairs. Do regular maintenance. Would buy another Corolla no problem..
My 1998 Toyota Corolla is the best car I've ever owned. In 11 years I've had rear shocks and front stabilizer connectors replaced plus an Oxygen sensor and recently a starter. Brake pads last 80k while rear shoes go 115k or more. I change oil and filter at 3.5-5k which depends on having a nice enough day to do it. The exhaust system is original as is most everything else. I am still getting 40 mpg on my 100 mile a day highway commutes. No electrical problems and most bulbs are still originals! I hope the new Corollas are as good.