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1996 Toyota Corolla (9 Reviews)
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I'm a retired truck driver and a old mechanic I own a 1996 Toyota corolla DX now for 18 years and I'm shocked at how great the car has been over 327 K or thousand miles on it now as you see I will keep and drive it until the last days on the planet as I love the car.I got my wife a nen one 6 years ago and she loves it to.
I bought my car brand new with 4 miles on it in January 1996, I love this car and although I have had many opportunities to get a new car I won't. This car is sporty yet practical and most of all paid for! It's seen the back of a tow truck twice and that was only because of a flat and I did not have a thin walled socket to change out for the spare (it has after market rims on it). It's never had any mechanical problems, it is serviced regularly (advantage of a husband that is a mechanic) and although the head liner is peeling away and the paint needs to be done, I love my Corolla even at 262,598 miles! Getting it painted and she's still a dream ride!
I bought my 96 toyota corolla brand new i only have 96000 miles on it it is great
Most reliable vehicle I have ever owned..end of story. Not fancy, not an eye turner, but it will get the job done and never leave you on the side of the road.
In March of 1996 I purchased my Gold Corolla Toyota DX (due to the recommendation of Consumer Reports that year) brand spanking new with only 18 miles on it. My “Bessie” currently has 223,000 miles. It is still my primary car. During the work week I drive close to 70 miles a day. I have to drive 25 miles to work and then another 25 miles back home in addition to driving it to various patient’s homes as a home care therapist throughout the day. Because of its age and the extended driving that I do along with some minor leaks, I have to put in 1 quart of oil every two weeks. I have had some minor repairs, oil changes when I could and the usual wear and tear items done. I have had to replace the alternator several times which after doing some research I found is a common problem with the 1996 Corolla. I have also replaced the starter and battery several times as I have to restart the car 6 to 10 times per day due to the nature of my work which also requires me to frequently sit in the car while it is idling (sorry EPA) and complete work on my computer while listening to music or the radio. I upgraded the radio a few years ago in addition to installing XM radio. I replaced the radiator last winter and a month later was involved in a car accident which damaged the front bumper and hood and slightly dented the new radiator. My insurance company totaled it but I decided to get it repaired and fixed up so the front looks like new! Sadly my “Bessie” is considered salvaged now. While it was being repaired I rented a new Nissan Altima. We had a major snow storm and I noticed that the Altima would fish tail on the icy roads. When I got the Corolla back I really appreciated how steady it maneuvered in the snow. I did get stuck a few days after we had 30 inches of snow which consequently damaged the gas tank which I replaced In spite of all of this the engine runs like a CHAMP! I have taken good care of the interior and the paint still looks pretty good. People are amazed how good Bessie looks considering her age. I am now in the market to get a new car but I am planning on fixing up Bessie real nice and using her as a weekend car. When I do research on various newer model cars and brands sadly I see all the complaints that people seem to be having about their cars these days. However people seem to still love their 1996 Toyota Corollas which due to my research seems to have been a good year! Perhaps I will just look for another one with lower mileage and call it a day!
I've had mine since 1999, has over 120,000 miles. Only issue is a leaking windshield wiper fluid tank. Even had an accident in it and had it rebuilt, still goes like crazy.
i love my toyota... i just got lucky with it.. i bought it for $1500 with only 81,000 miles. I have it now for 2 years and im so happy that i never had a problem with it. i dont care how many new cars they come up with i wont change my car for nothing...
Despite the fact that I normally only advocate performance, exotic, and luxury vehicles, I love the hell out of this car. (I call it Casey) I bought this car salvaged, and the only major problem I've had since owning this car is the fabric on the roof peeling off a bit. I'm ashamed to say that I treat this car like crap, rarely taking it in for regular maintenence, and performing oil changes only when well overdue, but this car still performs like new, outpacing some luxury vehicles and effortlessly pulling 120 degree turns on the side of a canyon at 35 MPH (not recommended in any car if you value your life). When this car took a straight on collision from the rear at 30, the only damage a SKILLED mechanic could find was a hair-sized scratch on the bumper. This car still continues amazes me, and if you can find one with less than 150k on it at a good price, do yourself a favor and buy it.
We purchased our 1996 Corolla in 1997, with 15K miles. The auto now has 185K miles. We ahave done the routine maintenance, including the oil change every 3k miles. No major problems have ever happened to this auto. No service has ever been done at a Toyota dealer, they tend to "find unnecessary
problems" that need to be immediately addressed.
We are going to purchase a brand new 2009 Coralla this weekend and give our old car to a charity, rather than trade it in. Our mechanic said our Coralla is good for manyt more miles- just "take care of it".