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1990 Toyota Corolla (9 Reviews)
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My 1990 toyota corolla , check engine light is on not sure what to check. I checked all fluids there fine. I want repair this problem myself just not sure where to start. Low on cash any solution would help thank you... Sarah phx,az
running when wheather hot engine loses power shut down ,when cool after 30 min. restarts runs fine than repeats
replaced fuel pump dist. disp cap , rotor ,plugs , wires ,water pump
I bought my J-Mota with only 173,000 miles in it. And I owned it for about 3 years now in never had any major problem with it... Best car ever built... 1990 Toyota Corolla DX AWESOME CAR!!!!!!!!!!
my toyo has 266,ooo miles and it drives awesome bset car i ever bought these little car are the best toyota evr made!!!!!!
Great car for commuting because it keeps on going no matter what happens. My particular car went through the wringer, but if it were in better condition it'd be a nice car.
Most reliable car ever.
Wonderful Car!! My Judy is going strong after owning it for 8 years and have put 125,000 miles on her. Making a total of 250,000! No matter what I do, or where I go...she keeps going.
Corolla's are champions!
from canada british columbia. I owned the corolla gts with the high output 4-AGE. It is quit the car. It is faster than you think and has a great sound. Also, maintanance is rather easy but parts are not very readily availible in the performance area. It is a freaking awesome car. Everyone i let drive it also commented on how smooth and soild the car felt with 240,000 km on it.
Great gas mileage. 40 mpg highway. 190,000 miles. Standard tune-ups and oil changes. A/C compressor went out; front brake lines replaced; oil leak around valve cover and other seals but otherwise no major issues.