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2000 Toyota Celica (4 Reviews)
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I have owned my car since driving out the door from the show room, she has over 150k miles on her and still runs sweet. Most all of the part are original on the block and are almost as clean as the day they where put on. The wind flows approximately an inch off her surface and she slides and hugs the road effortlessly. The only major repairs I have had is at 130K the catalytic converter and sensors required replacement; at 100K the air conditioning unit required full replacement because I failed to catch the unit failing and it spewed ball barings through out the system. I hauled many things in the hatch area and found it carries approximate equivalent of a small pickup open area.
I loved this car when I first bought it 2 yrs used. 48,000 miles, ran great, handled great but once I hit 80,000 mi. it began burning oil, up to a qt / week. There was then a significant loss of hp and it emitted a good amount of white smoke. I have read around various websites and blogs only to find that this is a common problem up thru the 2002 models but not significant enough to warrant a recall/ or class actions suit. (or maybe too expensive of problem for toyota to admit to) However, shame on me...I have not fixed nor replaced the engine since 2005 and the dang thing still runs well with the exception of the loss of power. If I were rating it based on how tough/reliable it is...then it would be rated all 5's.... but the problems do exist. Other than that, some minor problems with headlamps and interior accessories.
Great Car! Defiantly go for the GTS it makes all the difference in the world! Only issue would be weak support for large lights; the plastic breaks over time.
I've been with this car since 2004. Apart from the fact that some parts are only available from the dealer and are expensive, this car is a work horse and only needed the common oil change and one or two services in between.