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2012 Toyota Camry owners review and rate their 2012 Toyota Camry.

2012 Toyota Camry (3 Reviews)
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Purchased in late 2011 has few problems. The car has been acting up lately like won't start loss acceleration and A/C smells like mildew. Took in this week to shop because engine makes a loud noise at 30 mph mechanic did some coils but nothing showed also experience transmission problems the car will get stuck into 3rd gear I am taking in to a specialist about this problem. I bought this car because had a 1991 Corolla that was a darn good car but now Toyota quality has falling down in last couple years this is first and last Toyota will ever buy. I'm switching to Honda.
This is a great car. Currently have 31,000 miles on vehicle. Great gas millage, average on Hwy. 30 plus mpg. The front lower fiberglass piece below the grill on the front is easily damaged if you strike any type of road debris. Have had 2 repairs. Not cheap!!!! That's my experience with a 2012 Toyota Camry. Hope it helps in your decision making.
The car seems to be made with cheap plastics on the inside. even the chrome part scratches very easily...Lord only knows how long the engine will last. will it last as long as the older model camry. i don't know. lets wait and see.